There’s a café dedicated to Avocados in the LES 🥑🔑

Dear Avocado Appétit: you’re all I avo wanted.

Only in New York could you find cafés that specialize in Matcha treats, strawberry olive oil flavored ice cream, and restaurants dedicated entirely to the millennial generation’s favorite source of healthy fat: the avocado.

If you’re ready to take your avocado toast appreciation to the next level, then it’s about time you head to the LES and check out Avocado Appétit. Get ready for AVO OVERLOAD. Avo on the walls, avo on the pillows, avo on your plate. It’s literally EVERYWHERE and I guarantee that you’ll love every bit of it.

Avocado Appétit has a few different types of avocado toast, but I was absolutely CRAVING a classic toast with an egg on top because #basic. This toast was no joke, though. It was piled high with mashed avocado, layered with some greens and topped off with watermelon radish shavings and the poached egg. It was to die for! I definitely want to try some of the more interesting variations (like lox, etc) but I guess that just means I’ll have to take another trip back soon! They also have a bunch of different sandwiches, and Ben’s was tasty as hell! Avocado Appétit also has a few snack options and smoothies, which were CRAZY popular, so there’s a little bit of something for everybody!

I would definitely recommend this spot for the food, the price point, and of course, for the Insta. This place is literally begging for you to share it with all of your friends and followers (it’s been a hit, speaking from experience!) It’s super casual, and hey, if you change your mind, at least you can pop into Vanessa’s Dumplings next door HAAAAY.

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