Run, Dana, Run!

Humble brag: I’m so happy with my Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon results! Sorry, not sorry.  I went in with the hopes of 1) crossing the finish line on two feet and not on all fours and 2) if upright on two feet, beating my personal record of 1:59:24. I ended up succeeding in both, finishing … Continue reading Run, Dana, Run!

Easy Peasy Stir Fry

If you’re like me, you need something quick and easily (and cheap, and hopefully healthy…) to whip up at night after work. It doesn’t have to be the most impressive and flavor packed meal you’ve ever made. It just has to be something decent that you can happily scoff down and which doesn’t happen to … Continue reading Easy Peasy Stir Fry

Gingham Style

Does anyone else think of the word “Gangnam”, as in the song “Gangnam Style” by Psy, anytime they see the word “gingham”? Nope, just me. I thought so. I’ve never been a huge fan of patterns, but I’m loving the gingham trend for spring! Zara has some AMAZING gingham pieces out right now (planning to do some … Continue reading Gingham Style

Periwinkle Perfection

Ladies: check these OUT!  How amazing are these periwinkle strappy heels?! When I saw them online, I knew I had to have them. Odds are you’ll never guess where I stumbled upon them: Payless! Yes, Payless! I know: who even shops there anymore? Honestly, I happened to check out their website last week when I … Continue reading Periwinkle Perfection