Jacob’s Pickles

Pickles + fried chicken + cocktails= heaven! Jacob’s Pickles is one of my favorite brunch spots in New York City. This trendy Upper West Side spot serves up the best fried chicken and egg biscuit on the planet. Not to mention the PICKLES. We got a side of them to split as an appetizer and they were delicious. I honestly don’t know enough about pickles to really describe the taste to you– so I’ll just leave it at sweet and fresh. Try the ‘Egg and Cheese Biscuit’ (you’ll thank me!)

The Upper West Side is a great neighborhood to check out. It’s extremely easy to get up there and has a wide selection of bars and restaurants. It’s not wildly touristy,  which I like, and the apartments are stunning. They remind me so much of London’s Maida Vale and Knotting Hill. Jacob’s Pickles doesn’t take reservations, so I recommend getting there early to put your name down and then exploring the neighborhood until your table’s ready. Devin and I got there around 11 and were told that we would have to wait an hour to be seated, so we headed a few blocks East to Central Park where we sat on a bench to chat! Also worth noting that while the drinks are typical Manhattan prices, the food prices are reasonable. My sandwich was $10!