RPOTW: Rubirosa

I have a problem. A warm, cheesy, doughy, saucy, big, fat, delicious problem. I’m addicted to pizza (proof, more proof, EVEN MORE PROOF). Horrible for my figure, but good for you! If you also suffer from this addiction, look no further as I have another pizza joint for you to add to your NYC itinerary. … Continue reading RPOTW: Rubirosa


Salud means cheers, which we all know. It’s also another way of saying  ‘gesundheit’. The best definition of ‘Salud‘, however, is the tiny, aesthetically pleasing, incredibly healthy and organic juice shop / Latin American restaurant in SoHo. Sounds like an odd combination, right? Well, wrong. I paid this family owned joint a visit this weekend and … Continue reading Salud!