A week in… Tuscany

Buongiorno! I am fortunate (or now un-fortunate, as I’m writing from my living room couch) enough to just be retuning from a week-long stay in Tuscany, Italy. We stayed in a beautiful villa high up in the mountains of Chianti, surrounded by enthralling landscapes of wineries’ grape vineyards and olive trees. It could easily be the best vacation I’ve ever had! It was the perfect mix of exploring beautiful medieval Italian towns and cities (San Gimignano, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Siena & Florence) and unwinding by the pool with a drink in hand. We enjoyed great wine, great food and even better company (there were 11 of us!) in our Italian paradise. Posts to come!


The villa



Sorry for the glares- taken from the car window!


Shout out to our Fiat for helping us navigate the countryside. This thing is beastly.



Stunning pool

IMG_7761 (1)


The villa from the backyard. Photo credit to Ben Walsh for this one!

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