Join me in…San Gimignano

On our first day outside of our haven in the rolling hills, we explored San Gimignano: a stunning medieval walled city known for it’s towers. I absolutely adored it, especially since it was the first time I had ever really seen anything like that (the old stone buildings with big wooden doors, the winding streets, the towers– it was all so beautiful). It took about an hour to get there by car (and not long at all to see the entire city), but seeing the views on the drive was definitely part of the experience.

What we did: general walking around through the streets, admired some Tuscany views from a great look-out location, and stopped at an AMAZING gelato shop in the city center. It was called Gelateria Dondoli and apparently won some awards for having the best gelato in the world! (And some of the group stopped for MORE gelato before leaving to compare and that one legitimately claims to have “the best ice cream in the world”.  It was called Gelateria Dell’Olmo and from the sound of it, it was also really good.

IMG_6707IMG_6710IMG_6849IMG_6852IMG_6760IMG_6720IMG_6742IMG_6851IMG_6886cool tower pic san gimignanorooftops san gimignanowinding street san gimignanoenjoying gelatogang wandering

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