Travel Diaries: #TBT to LDN

Hello Party People and happy Thursday. We’ve almost made it– the weekend is so close I can nearly taste it! For this #TBT post, I thought I’d take you across the pond and share some pictures from our London 2015 trip. My boyfriend, Ben, is British and thanks to him, I’ve had the opportunity to visit London a few times. Last fall we spent two full days in the city and two days out in the English countryside before heading to Amsterdam. I don’t think I could ever get sick of London– it’s a huge metropolitan city with a charming feel. Like New York, it has the fashion, the eats and the distinct neighborhoods. Still, the city is so different: it’s cleaner, quirkier and has so much history. I make Ben do the typical London touristy things like Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Oxford Circus each time because it just doesn’t get old. Ever. Last fall, however, we also spent some time in Shoreditch, where we checked out Cereal Killer Cafe and Nike Lab. We also browsed around the awesome strip of pop up shops at Box Park (note: if you love watches, you definitely need to check out Twisted Time. They have a great collection of both Art Deco and sophisticated watches). We also went to the Sky Garden, where I sipped on some Pimm’s while enjoying stunning views of the the city below. I definitely recommend going to the Sky Garden if you’re visiting London, but you have to get your tickets well in advance AND print them out ahead of time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I love burgers and I love craft beer, so fortunately we also met up with some of Ben’s friends for dinner and drinks at Meatliquor near Oxford Circus. Great burgers and brews.

Other places worth visiting are Edinboro Castle Pub (great outdoor patio, also perfect for sippin’ Pims!), the Anchor Bankside (good for grabbing a beer and sitting on the Thames!), and The Waterway (also good for outdoor drinks!). Hoping I’ll make it back to the U.K. soon!

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