I had an idea…

I just wanted to quickly share some pictures of this really cool juice that I tried this week! I’m not sure where I first saw it, but it was love at first sight and I just knew I had to try one! Great idea, right? It’s called the “Light Bulb Drink” and you can get your hands on your very own at Idea Coffee right by Madison Square Park. There are a few different light bulb options (including a coffee bulb!) but I went with the ‘Red Light’. It was pretty good! That being said, if I ever head back to Idea Coffee, I would probably choose another option considering this one tasted like beats, which I LOATHE. My fault, considering beats are on the list of ingredients. I could definitely taste the strawberries, though! These are definitely not your Juice Press or Juice Generation style juices, though. While these are flavorful and surely refreshing, some of them have teas mixed into them, so they’re not straight vegetables and fruits. I also should note that the ingredients are not freshly pressed on the spot. Still, I think any of the juice bulb options are worth a shot! And this is coming from someone who hardly deviates from coffee, water and fresh juice. If not for the juice, go for the picture and the fun souvenir! (Yes, you can take the bulb home!)

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