Butt Whooping by Barry’s

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Barry’s Bootcamp! Each of these famous workouts features a combination of guided treadmill running and weight lifting exercises. Last week I tried it for the first time ever! Finally! Michelle, Brittany and I headed to the Chelsea location for a 9 PM ass whooping by Justin Meli.

I aim to workout three times a week and I thought I was prepared for what Barry’s had in store, but this class is seriously HARD. The three of us opted to start on the treadmills (you can either start with the running or with the weights), so we hopped on and started walking it out. Then we went through some guided intervals consisting of walking, jogging, running and, of course, sprinting. We also walked and ran at various inclines, which was really tough. Justin simultaneously guided two people who started with the weights. He told us at what intensity to run at and when to pump the intensity up or drop it down. 

Once the treadmill circuit was over, we swapped. The people who were on the floor grabbed a treadmill and we took over their spots on the floor. This is where I started to lose it. The lightest weights they had available (from what I could see at least) were 10lbs and I was STRUGGLING. Unfortunately, it was ARMS, CHEST and BACK day. We went through rows, flies, chest presses, skull crushers and the likes. We also did some ab work as well. We did two rounds on the treadmills and two rounds on the floors.

I definitely loved the workout. They don’t call it the world’s best workout for nothing! I’m planning on going back for legs and butt day or total body day. I had NO idea that every day focuses on a different muscle group, which was totally my fault. I hardly workout my arms as it is, so this workout was uncomfortably intense for me. Aside from that, I have one critique: I wish that our instructor paid a little more attention to people’s form. I felt like I was losing my form while trying to lift the heavy weight, so it would have been nice for him to assess my moves and tweak them if needed. I also noticed at one point some people were doing presses, while some people were doing flies. I feel like he should have noticed that. Minor critique. Maybe I’m being too needy! Like I said, I’ll definitely be going back!

Stay tuned for another workout post this week. I’m throwing on my pink boxing gloves again! This time I’ll be coming at you with some details about Shadowbox. I LOVE this place, so I’m excited to share it with you!

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