I’m glossy

(*To the tune of  ‘I’m Bossy’ by Kelis*)

Glossier boasts that their SoHo showroom is the most instagrammable spot in the neighborhood. Um, they’re not wrong. This place is a blogger’s paradise! Check out these pictures. Isn’t the layout beautiful? As soon as I stepped out of the elevator I was in awe with it’s heavenly bliss.

I’m so happy that I finally got to test out some of their most popular products. I’ve heard GREAT things about Glossier– mostly from my friend, Carrie. (You know her!) She’s been using the Perfecting Skin Tint for a while and her skin looks flawless. It always has the most subtle, beautiful glow, which is what Glossier is all about. They say that each product is meant to enhance your natural skin, so that your face looks ‘like your skin, but better.

I’ve been using the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint and Clinique Pore Perfecting Foundation recently, both of which are pretty thick with moderate coverage. I decided to give the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint a try because I’m looking for something lighter and breathable. I’m honestly sick of feeling like I’m wearing a full blown mask every day. I’m hoping this baby will do the trick.

I threw it on this afternoon and while I’ve only been wearing it for a few hours, here’s my quick verdict: The formula is amazing- it’s super light and silky. It provides sheer coverage with a beautiful dewy effect. Diamond powder is a main ingredient and it’s making my skin look bright and lively. I was a little worried that the formula would be so sheer that every single skin imperfection would show, but that’s definitely not the case. My skin looks smooth and even.I’ll report back with a more extensive review soon!

I also tried the Haloscope illuminator while I was there and that will be my next makeup purchase regardless of how I feel about the Skin Tint in the long run. This stuff is AMAZING. I tried the Quartz shade and it gave me the most perfect glow without looking like a disco ball. The priming moisturizer was also phenomenal. It reminded me of Belif’s Aquabomb, which is an amazing daily moisturizer for anyone with combination skin.

All of the Glossier producers are really affordable, which is the best part. (Along with the packaging, which is simple, but incredibly chic.)

So, back to this euphoria of a showroom. A lot of thought undoubtedly went into the design. From the “JUST DEW IT” and “MAKE GOOD CHOICES” on the walls  to the marble and quartz skincare display, the layout is sophisticated and all around remarkable. You definitely can’t pass up taking a picture in front of the mirror, which has  “YOU LOOK GOOD” written on it. Thanks for the positive vibes, Glossier gang!

I’m not sure how long the penthouse showroom will be up and running for, but I definitely suggest checking it out to try the products! If you don’t walk out with a bag full of goodies (they give you a poster and stickers with your purchase!), you’ll leave with the perfect Instagram.

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