Creep Alert

1:15 PM ET: Hide your kids, hide your wife: there are Creepers on the loose! Sightings have been reported in Nolita, SoHo and Midtown. Descriptions released by the NYPD say these Creepers are a luxe Bordeaux velvet, complimented by luscious metallic gold details. Stay with The Dana Diaries for live updates on the NYC Creeper take over.


The Fenty x Puma Creepers designed by my girl, Rihanna, will forever be one of my favorite pairs of sneakers. They’re simple, yet funky, and in a world where every girl and her cousin owns a pair of Adidas Superstars, it’s fun to play around with a statement shoe. The three pairs that released right before Christmas are the best ones yet! The colors are great, but the velvet takes them to an entirely new level. They are the epitome of city street style meets high fashion luxe. My heart was originally set on the all black pair, but on the day they released, I made a game time decision to get the maroon instead. Go big or go home, right?! Being that that the Bordeaux velvet is so bold, these definitely aren’t going to be my everyday, go-to kicks. I’m totally okay with that, though (considering I’m in the market for a new pair of Superstars, myself). I’m definitely looking forward to spicing up some outfits with these bad boys! Even though I’m obsessed with this new addition to my Creeper collection, I’ll always love the green and Bordeaux pair (seen here) that I got last spring. They’re just as funky, but make for an entirely different look!

While you may run into trouble trying to track down the maroon pair at retail price, you can still find the incredibly sleek black and gray pairs online and in certain stores. Try KithNordstrom, and ASOS. Grab a pair and together, as the wise Riri once said, we can ‘work, work, work, work, work.’

(Also make sure you check out the Fenty x Puma clothing line. Rihanna doesn’t hold back!)


Top: Gypsy Warrior

Jeans: Zara

Jacket: Zara

Sunnies: Urban

2 thoughts on “Creep Alert

  1. Dana @ IveGotCake says:

    I love the intro to this post! “Hida ya wives, hide ya kiiids”, hahahaha!!!
    Her creepers are EVERYTHING and i love the pair you’ve got on! The color will go with anything!!
    Looking good babe! ❤ ❤


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