It’s wedding season!

Ugh, Mondays. The most difficult day of the week! Today was a real struggle for me as I’m adjusting back to work life after an amazing weekend in Georgia. I went with Ben to one of his best friend’s weddings and it was so fun and absolutely gorgeous. After spending one night at his friend’s house just outside of Atlanta, we piled into the car and headed north for a weekend of cabin life and wedding celebrations! The bridesmaids and groomsmen each had their own huge cabins, rented through Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals outside of Helen, GA, and most of the wedding guests had their own cabins as well. They were totally off the grid and I loved how secluded and relaxing the cabin was (and by relaxing, I mean as relaxing as you can possibly get on what was essentially a mild weekend drinking bender, lol!). I’m going to put up an entirely separate post with all of my cabin picks for some weekend getaway inspiration!

Anyway, the wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Yonah Mountain Vineyards. I still can’t get over how incredibly beautiful the ceremony was. It was held on a hill top in between the vineyards, so you had to walk through the long lines of grape trees before emerging at the ceremony location. The views of Yonah Mountain from the hill were stunning and luckily, the weather cleared up just in time for the wedding! I kid you not: the sun magically came out right as the bride, Savanna, started walking down the aisle. Nobody could get over the impeccable timing, especially since it was thundering and pouring almost all afternoon. Her dress was gorgeous: it has long sleeves made of lace and nearly the entire torso was lace as as well.

The cocktail hour that followed the ceremony was beautiful, too, and was held on a grassy yard just outside the venue hall. It was the perfect location to eat some cheese and sip on Yonah Mountain Vineyards rosé (I was very content, naturally.)

The inside of the hall was filled with tons of natural light and had a beautiful high ceiling. I wish I got some decent pics of it! You can see more of the venue in my vlog below. It was actually pretty big!

The reception was a great time and Ben’s friends are awesome: they’re incredibly down to earth and so fun to spend time with. I’m glad I was able to be a part of the wedding weekend! I wish we could go back and do it again already, lol!



Here’s the vlog!:

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