That Villa life 

After all of the Barcelona hoopla you may have seen on social media, you probably think that it was the only destination on our Spain trip. Guess again. Don’t get me wrong, Barcelona was amazing (check out my guide here!)  but the final stop was about an hour and a half outside the city near the town Cruïlles. Here is where the real vacation began. Ben’s dad, Jack, generously rented another STUNNING villa complete with a gorgeous stone exterior, 7 bedrooms, and my favorite part: a phenomenal (roughly) 20-meter pool! Seriously, I was totally blown away by how beautiful it was. Yet this description hardly does the villa any justice. Feast your eyes (and try not to get too jealous). Click on the pictures to enlarge!


It was such an amazing visit filled with tons of afternoon poolside Rosé, fantastic food (boy, do Jack and Katherine know how to cook and throw a baller dinner party!), great company and some CRAZY rounds of Catch Phrase (and thumper… and zumi, zumi, which I’m still convinced is pronounced ZOO-MEE but I digress…)

I think it’s safe to say that future trips will certainly be hard to beat after 7 days in our Spanish paradise. The villa was perfect and our gang was awesome. I got to know three new people over the course of the trip, and I feel like I boarded that plane in Barcelona with some new friends (shout out to you: Carolyn, Rory, and Anna!). I think it’s safe to say that even though I’ve only been back to work for 6 days, I’ll be daydreaming about sitting poolside with a drink in hand for weeks to come. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and relive our time through the pictures below!

One final thought: what would a Dana Diaries blog post be with a quick vlog featuring the best of my Snapchats? One day, I’ll remember to flip the phone, but for now, I  present to you the highlights from our villa stay! And Austin, if you’re watching, please don’t kill me.


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