Rocksbox ROCKS (+ 1 free month subscription for YOU!)

Calling all jewelry lovers of the world: it’s time to get Rocksbox on your radar.

I’ve definitely been trying to improve my accessory game lately. If you’ve been following along with me on Insta [hit that follow button if not 😉 ], you may have noticed I’ve gotten a few new pieces over the past few weeks. Some new chokers, some tassel earrings, layered necklaces, etc. Oddly, until recently, I was never really into accessorizing. That’s mostly because there are so many freakin’ awesome pieces out there, that I could never commit without spending a fortune on everything I’ve had my eye on! So, that being said, you could imagine how excited I was to partner with Rocksbox, which is a subscription based jewelry membership! I just parted ways with my first month’s hookup, and I literally can’t wait to see what I’ll get next. If you’re not familiar with how it works, here’s the low down: For $21 a month, you get three personalized pieces delivered right to your doorstep. First, you take a quick survey on the website so the stylists can get a sense of your personal style. Then, you add your favorite pieces from brands like House of Harlow and Kate Spade (two of a BUNCH) to your wishlist, so the stylists know what ‘rocks’ you’ve got your eyes on you. Once you get your three pieces, you get to hold onto them for as long as you like! Once you’re ready to mix it up, you can send all three pieces back (shipping is FREE, holla!) and you’ll get three new pieces tailored to your taste! Swap them out whenever and however many times you want. OR, if you just can’t get enough of any or all pieces, you can buy them for a discounted member price and you can apply your $21 dollar subscription cost towards the purchase. While I was in LOVE with the Sophie Harper Sugar Skull Necklace and the Aster Rose Quarts Zinnia Ring, I decided to ship ’em back to see what other awesome pieces are in store! So, to summarize, you essentially rent the pieces for a month and then either send them back so other girls can rock ’em, or buy them. No major commitments. No real buyer’s remorse. No RAGRETS. All for $21 a month, aka, a few lattes!

I’ve had my Rocksbox subscription for about a month now, and I can’t wait to see what I’ll get in my next box! I really loved my first set, especially considering all three pieces were on my wishlist. I feel like Rocksbox is such a genius idea for jewelry junkies, right?! I’m so happy I’ve gotten involved and I’ll be reporting back with more thoughts on my subscription as it continues. Two thumbs up for now! Stick with me here and on social media to stay updated. know the suspense is killing you 😉

And NOW, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!! If you want to get in on the Rocksbox fun, use my code thedanadiariesxoxo for a FREE month, with no commitments. Give it a shot! (and let me know what you think about it in the comments section below!)

Here’s how I styled some of the pieces in my first box:



DISCLAIMER: Subscription service was provided, opinions are my own.

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