Get active with Aaptiv

Happy Holidays, people! I’m so pumped for Christmas and today marks my last day of work before good old Saint Nick comes around! Much excitement over here. I’m obviously thinking about all of the Christmas shopping I have yet to do, but I’m also starting to think about how I’ll continue my fitness routine when I head home tomorrow.

If you know me, you know that group-fitness classes are always my go-to when it comes to working out. Classes are literally a way of life. There’s nothing quite like a energetic instructor relentlessly pushing you through a solid ass-kicking, while providing demonstrations, form correction and the constant motivation needed to help you make it through your sweat session. That’s why I’ve always been a huge fan of ClassPass (stay tuned for a post featuring a round-up of the best classes on ClassPass right now!) and have been looking for a home base gym with a killer class schedule. But what about the days I can’t make it to a class, or even to the gym at all, and have to work out on my own? Literally, the thought of it gives me agita. I always spend time brainstorming workouts to bring with me to the gym or whip out in my living room, but I’m convinced I just don’t have the willpower to hold myself accountable to finish the workout I’ve started #SAD. I’ll end up doing 2 rounds instead of 3, or I’ll modify certain moves to make it easier, neither of which will help me reach my fitness goals. Recently, I’ve realized I can’t even finish a 28 minute Kayla workout (which I’ve been a huge supporter of over the last few years!) without getting bored and leaving halfway through, or straight up dilly-dallying (aka texting, fiddling with my music, etc), thus throwing off the effect of the workout. Of course, this is if I’m even motivated enough to get myself to the gym or off my comfy-as-hell couch at all. You get it. And I’m sure that many of you can relate to this legit struggle!

So, why am I telling you this? It’s because I wanted to let you in on a secret that’s helping me conquer the gym confidently and on my own terms. It’s called Aaptiv. If you don’t know, now you KNOW.

I’ve been using the Aaptiv app for the last few weeks, and I’ve found it to be an awesome fitness companion. Basically, I would describe it like the Nike Training Club app, but on serious steroids. Aaptiv gives you access to tons of different, fully planned workouts, that are timed and narrated by trainers. Whether you’re looking to take on the stairmaster, hit the treadmill, push your limits through strength training, or flow through some sun salutations, you’ll find it on Aaptiv. I like to think of it as having a group fitness instructor right at your fingertips, whether you’re at the gym or even at home (and now you know how I’ll be getting my fitness fix over the Christmas holiday!) The workouts vary in difficulty, so you can really tailor your next session to your fitness needs and physical capabilities. All of the workouts come with the their own soundtracks,too, and you know how important music is when you’re trying to stay in the zone!

I’ve used Aaptiv for strength training and and stretching, but Aaptiv has really helped me when it comes to the treadmill. After conquering two half marathons in recent years, it’s obvious that my love for running has really taken off (pun intended.) I absolutely refuse (and quite frankly, hate) running in the cold, and treadmills tend to bore me to legit tears after a while. Aaptiv offers a ton of treadmill workouts, which feature different challenges like speed and incline intervals. Think of it like Barry’s, but without the strength training portion, which you can add yourself by using the app for a strength training circuit after running. The soundtrack that corresponds with each jog, climb or speed keeps me motivated as hell! I’m a big fan of the Run The Moon HIIT running workout. (Shut up, and run with me?)

Trust me when I say this: there’s something for everyone on Aaptiv. Even those training for their next big race, considering they offer marathon training, too! I’m registered for the United Airlines NYC half marathon next year, so I’ll definitely be referring to Aaptiv on the training front if I make it in! They even have meditation sessions, which is so neat (and NECESSARY.) I’m definitely a fan, and I’m looking forward to incorporating more Aaptiv workouts into my daily routine! It helps that they more than 30 new ‘classes’ a week, so the options are endless. And it’s definitely a great app to have on hand when traveling (poolside workouts in Turkey, anyone?)

Keep up with me on Instagram to see Aaptiv in action over the Holiday weekend, but in the meantime, head to their website if you want to learn more! The subscription costs 10 bucks a month, but let’s be real, that’s the cost of two specialty drinks at Starbucks (or a Trenta iced coffee if you have a problem like yours truly…) so it’s super affordable. They also offer a free trial for new subscribers, which is a great incentive for the skeptics! Check it out, peeps!

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