Zara’s sale is still going on…

Grab your wallets.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Why/how do the weekends just go so quickly!? ICYMI: it was my birthday weekend (holla!) First, Ben took me out to dinner Friday night, which was an awesome way to kick off the weekend. He surprised me by bringing me to a place I’ve literally always wanted to try: Thursday Kitchen (more about that coming your way soon!) We sipped on some soju big kid “capri-sun” style drinks while we nommed on some a-ma-zing Korean dishes. After dinner we had some drinks at Goodnight Sonny before heading over to STUFFED!!! A treat that Ben claims is on his list of top 5 best things he’s ever eaten in his life. Yesterday some friends and I headed down to Stone Street and the Seaport for some day drinking shenanigans. In all, it was a pretty solid weekend indeed and I am absolutely exhausted.

So, back to the title of this post… Yes, the Zara sale is STILL going on. I ended up swinging by early last week to pick up this Kimono style top that I had been eyeing up online. It was love at first sight as soon as I tried it on! I love the contrasting patterns and the bright colors- it feels perfect for summer, despite the fact that it’s pretty too much hot to wear it! I’m looking forward to wearing it with a denim skirt down at the beach later this week. Being that the sale is still in full-swing and that there are tons of amazing options for you to browse through, I wanted to round up some of my top picks! Keep scrolling to see what I came up with, and check out the website for yourself because there are TONS of amazing options. Just stay as far away from the store as possible because it’ll take you about 30 minutes to try something on and then about 45 minutes to check out. You’ve been warned.

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Floral Dress // White top // Denim Skirt  // Crop top  // Polka Dot Body Suit  // Denim Culotte // Pink jeans 

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