All that glitters is not gold

… unless it’s hanging in your closet.

It’s official: the newest trend of the holiday season is here. We’re talking glitter, sparkles, sequins, and sheen. Have you stopped into your local Zara recently? Well, you might want to wear sunglasses to block out the glare from the millions of sequins reflecting light off every single shelf. It’s borderline ridiculous.

Anyway, as someone who’s style has never incorporated glitz and glam (aside from one AWUL NYE dress situation I wore about 5 years ago that my sister LITERALLY used for halloween this year when she was Hannah Montana…see below), I never thought I’d get on board, but with glitter hanging in my face in almost every store I’ve visited lately, I figured I’d give it a shot and get in on the fun.

To ease on in, I picked up this metallic gunmetal dress for my office’s Christmas party this year. It was actually a HIT, so I was super proud of my purchase. You can shop my dress here – they actually just restocked it in size small! It’s the perfect dress for NYE dinner, or even Christmas!

Obviously, while sophisticated, this dress barely counts as in-your-face, but I’ve ordered the most OVER THE TOP glittery jumpsuit for NYE and I’m literally praying to the Lawd that it fits when it arrives. You’ll definitely see it on the blog if it works out!

Anyway, I’ve liked some stunner options below in case you want to give the trend a shot this season, since there’s no better way to say Happy New Year than looking just like NYC’S Time Square Ball, obviously. Happy shopping!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sequin jumpsuit

  1. Champagne mini dress
  2. Sequin blazer dress
  3. Black and silver mini dress
  4. Gold crop
  5. Multicolored dress
  6. Sequin wrap dress
  7. Sequin bodysuit 
  8. Long sleeve sequin turtleneck

And for your viewing pleasure… who let me wear this?


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