2019 in a nutshell

HEY. Welcome to my Ted Talk. You ready to get deep? Nope, me neither.

Spending the last week at home has given me the chance reflect on the past year. I’m sure this is an initiative that some of you can relate to.

If you know me well, you know 2019 was not as smooth of a journey as I would have liked it to be. It was filled with bumps in the road, and unpredictable twists and turns right up until the very end. If you had pulled me aside in London this time last year and told me this is where I would be today, I’d probably have said ‘unlikely.’

But that’s life, right? It deals interesting hands. It gives you surprises when you least expect them. It causes pain.

I was thrown various curveballs that left me feeling vulnerable and derailed. I found myself questioning what I was doing, what I wanted, and where I was going. And to be honest: those can be scary questions to grapple with when you’re used to feeling comfortable.

That being said… the more I sit back and think about it, the more obvious it becomes that 2019 was much more than a journey riddled with challenges, and for that am grateful:

I spent 2 weeks traveling across Japan, where I ate all the noods and drank more Asahi than is probably socially acceptable.

I received a standing ovation for chugging (and finishing) a stein at Oktoberfest, was sobered by history, and partied until 6 AM at a Berlin nightclub.

I finally scratched the Met rooftop bar off of my NYC bucket list.

I taught my first ever group fitness class. Some classes were small; others were sold out. Regardless of the size, getting to see my name on Classpass on a regular basis was a huge accomplishment, and noticing returning faces week after week was humbling (even at 6 AM on a Wednesday.)

I $igned the lease for my first NYC studio apartment. It’s dope and a total vibe.

I transitioned into a new role at work and traveled a TON (Philly, Toronto, Austin, Dallas, Baltimore, New Orleans, + Atlanta.)

My writing was featured on a well-read NYC blog, I partnered with one of the biggest names in fitness apparel, and I fostered new friendships.

I learned to advocate for myself. I became more direct and I stopped worrying soooo much about what other people think.

Oh, and I started investing my money – yes, so *~adult~* etc, etc.

It’s not always going to be simple or easy, but you don’t need me to sit here and tell you that. Trying to face all the things that seem to have gone wrong with an open mind can feel exhausting. It’s easy to fixate on the things that break us down, and it’s difficult to take a step back to see challenges as opportunities to reinvigorate your fire, edit your narrative, and move forward in a direction that YOU get to choose. But I’ve learned that’s what they are, and no matter how distressful they may seem, sometimes the shake-ups are necessary and change is GOOD. You just have to learn to lean into it. I’m sure we’ll all spend our lifetimes trying to do just that.

So to wrap it up here: these are the wins, memories, and happy places that make me proud and have built me up over the last 12 months. Coupled with all of the things that have changed me for the better, they’re what are catapulting me into a new year of endless opportunity.

The beautiful thing here is that you have them too. You have two and a half days left. Take a step back and go find them.

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