The Dana Diaries x Bulletproof

The proof is in the pudding, they say.

I’d say that’s true for Bulletproof’s line of coffee, collagen protein, and supplements.

As a fitness enthusiast who, like many others, has been around the block when it comes to trying the next “big thing” in nutritional products, I’m thrilled to partner with a company whose product line has truly improved my lifestyle. Bulletproof’s collagen, prebiotics, and vitamin gummies have become a staple in my daily routine, and I think they deserve a spot in your kitchen cabinet, too.

All of the details about my top Bulletproof picks and why I like them are below. That’s not all, though. Here’s the good news: if you like what you see here and you’re ready to take the plunge, Bulletproof and I have partnered together to offer you 20% off your next order. Just use DANAMONOCKYBP20 at checkout. Happy shopping! And cheers to our good health!

The Hit List:

Vanilla Collagen Protein

Made up of amino acids that support healthy skin, bones, joints, and brain health, there’s nothing Bulletproof collagen powders can’t do. My body is under intense physical stress throughout the week from coaching classes, keeping up with my own workouts, and the general hustle and bustle of living a New York City lifestyle. I have come to rely on this holy grail to keep my body powered and ready to take on the day – whatever it throws at me. With consistent use, I’ve noticed my skin looks plump and clear, and I’m able to recover from my workouts faster and more efficiently. While I’ve used the unflavored powder as well, but the vanilla collagen takes home the trophy simply due to providing a sweet spin to my yogurts, coffee, and smoothies.

InnerFuel Prebiotic powder

As someone with a sensitive stomach, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my digestion patterns using Bulletproof’s InnerFuel. The prebiotic blend has especially helped me beat the (oftentimes nearly debilitating) daily bloat. This supplement is designed to boost gut health and supports healthy digestion. Because Bulletproof knows how to do it all, InnerFuel boosts immunity, too. I’ve replaced my daily probiotic supplement with the InnerFuel!

Gummy Vitamins

Remembering to take your daily vitamins is hard! Bulletproof’s sugar free gummies make it a lot easier to build a routine that’s both easy to follow and bound to last. I take the ACV, A-D-K, and Immune gummies on a regular basis to support my metabolism and promote a healthy immune system – especially as the temperature begins to drop and we head into cold and flu season. As someone who is surrounded by clients, riding the subway, and rolling around on the gym floor on a regular basis, I know surrounded by germs at all times. These vitamins are crucial when it comes to maintaining an healthy, active lifestyle. I like taking A-D-K as a one-stop-shop, low lift way to maintain healthy bones, organ function, and blood flow.

Runners Up:

Melatonin Gummies – Catch some ZZZ’s.

Immune Defense Collagen Protein Packets – The grab and go, all-in-one solution for getting both your daily Vitamin C and collagen on the go! Think: Emergen-C’s sophisticated older cousin.

The High AchieverCoffee that packs a vitamin-infused punch! If only it came in a Nespresso pod.

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