Skirt Swag

Here’s why I’m extra happy this weekend: I discovered that my apartment building has an accessible roof! And just in time for summer! While it’s not decked out in the slightest, I’ll take it. Any rooftop real estate is worthy in my eyes! When I saw this skirt on Missguided, it was love at first … Continue reading Skirt Swag

Gingham Style

Does anyone else think of the word “Gangnam”, as in the song “Gangnam Style” by Psy, anytime they see the word “gingham”? Nope, just me. I thought so. I’ve never been a huge fan of patterns, but I’m loving the gingham trend for spring! Zara has some AMAZING gingham pieces out right now (planning to do some … Continue reading Gingham Style

Periwinkle Perfection

Ladies: check these OUT!  How amazing are these periwinkle strappy heels?! When I saw them online, I knew I had to have them. Odds are you’ll never guess where I stumbled upon them: Payless! Yes, Payless! I know: who even shops there anymore? Honestly, I happened to check out their website last week when I … Continue reading Periwinkle Perfection

Skirting around

I’ve never really been a skirt kind of girl. I went through that awful black bandaged mini skirt with sky high Steve Madden pumps phase (Ew, I know) back in my high school and early college days, but I’ve never had a love affair with skirts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve added … Continue reading Skirting around