Wine tasting at Cantalici

Right down the hill from our villa was the Cantalici winery, where we took a tour and went wine tasting. We liked the wine so much that we kept going back to buy more bottles for the remainder of the trip! Contrary to the rules of being a white girl,  I had actually never been wine tasting before and this was an awesome first experience. I also don’t know a thing about wine, so it was great to learn more about the wine-making process, how the aging process affects the taste, and the rules that control wine production in the region. We tried 7 wines:  starting with a white and a rosé, then transitioning to red. I’m not much of a red wine person (probably because I can be very stubborn and have never given it a fair chance), but my favorite of the batch was the  Chianti Classico Baruffo “Riserva”. It’s made strictly from Sangiovese grapes (so, 100% Sangiovese and therefore not blended with anything else) and bottled in 2011, so it was pretty potent tasting and had a rich aroma.

The woman who gave us the tour was so awesome and her reaction every time we came back for more wine was priceless. Check out Cantalici here. They also ship to the US, so on top of buying a bottle to bring home, I’ll definitely be ordering from them soon!

We also did some olive oil tasting, which was delicious!



Tasting room and aging cellar


Ben scoping out the grounds



Two happy customers.


The gals

gang wine tasting.jpg

The whole gang looking very satisfied post wine tasting



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