Unleashing Some ‘Rage’

Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE a good ass-kicking, crawl-your-way out of the gym workout. It goes without saying that New York is the best when it comes to finding new, unique classes where you can get your sweat on. Whether you’re a yogi, a spinner, a runner or just an unclassified workout enthusiast, there’s something for all athletes of all levels. Boxing classes are by far my favorite because they not only give you a hardcore full-body workout, but they’re super interactive and fun (not to mention my attention span is way too short for many other workouts). Today, my friend Paulina and I headed down to SoHo for a morning class with Rage at Overthrow Boxing Club. This place is amazing and the pictures just don’t do it justice. I love how authentic it is. It’s so easy to stroll into a gym that’s ritzy and posh, but Overthrow has serious character and attitude.

Rage’s ring work class was AWESOME and unlike any other boxing class I’ve done in the past. We warmed up with some shadow boxing and then threw on our gloves to practice some offensive and defensive moves with each other (fear not– no broken noses or KO’s involved). Then it was onto some bag work. We threw various different combinations until I could hardly lift my arms and then we burned ourselves out with non-stop punches and cardio. It was worth the sweat in my eyes and aching fists. It’s also worth noting that Rage is a beast: he’s super hardcore in both looks and attitude. I loved literally every second of his class, but I thought the best part was that he really paid attention to people to make sure they were getting the moves down right (and poked fun while doing it). It’s also worth mentioning that he plays great music. It was refreshing to try a class where an instructor plays songs like “Jump Around” and artists like “AC/DC” instead of some radio/house music mash up. But that’s just my two cents!

I definitely recommend giving Overthrow a shot! If you’re not into the ring work class, they offer an underground boxing class as well. The class is literally in the basement and it’s all shadow boxing and bag work. You won’t leave disappointed regardless of which you try! 

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