Dana Digs Dumplings

And who doesn’t? Mimi Cheng’s dumplings are so good I swear they’ll change the mind of any non-believer. Today we stopped in to this small east village joint for some delicious Taiwanese dumplings. They’re made from scratch and you can watch the pros hard at work behind the counter, which I found super intriguing. Ben and I both did the 50-50 option and got 4 of “The Mimi Cheng” dumplings and 4 of “The Reinvented Classic”. I obviously opted for the pan fried dumplings, but Ben went with boiled. Both versions were equally delicious and jam packed with flavor. They were so juicy and extremely fresh– you can definitely tell that they use only quality ingredients. They tasted like HEAVEN, especially when smothered in “Mimi’s Secret Sauce”. It’s worth noting that Mimi Cheng’s is actually a quick-eats kind of place, so there isn’t any waiter service. You can easily pop in for a great quick meal if you’re in the neighborhood!  To hold you over until you can get your own hands on these babies, I recommend checking out their website, where you can find the story behind Mimi Cheng’s and learn about their commitment to sustainability. 

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