Hairy Happenings

I’ve always had the “long hair don’t care” kind of mentality. I LOVE long, luscious locks and I’ve had long hair for as long (hehe) as I can remember. The mere idea of just a small trim has always been enough to send me into straight panic mode at the salon! I’m sure many of you out there can relate. Having long hair has always been a little difficult for me because my hair is naturally wavy, so it takes a lot of time and effort to style it. I’ve really been struggling to maintain it recently and I’ve been wearing it in a bun to work almost every day of the week because I just don’t have the time or energy to blow it out. I work in a professional atmosphere, so wearing it naturally tends to make me feel a little messy and out of place. I’ve been thinking about trying a new, more professional look for a while and being that a hair cut and color (especially color!) has been long overdue, this time I decided to mix it up. Rather than my usual trim, I decided to take a chance and go for a “lob” inspired look. It took a ton of mental preparation and I’m honestly surprised I even went through with it! And yes, I know that it is, in fact, not that short. We also had to fill in where my ombré had grown out. I didn’t want the highlights to start all the way at root because I like the dark root look and it’s MUCH less maintenance as the hair grows out. I can typically get away with touching up the color twice a year, which saves time AND money. We went pretty heavy on the highlights to match my ends and we also got rid of the golden/yellow color. 

I’ve been going to Beauty Lounge in Westwood, NJ, for years and I honestly think these ladies are the best in the business! Cait Marie is legitimately an intuitive color WIZARD–I’ve never left her chair unhappy and I completely trust her judgement when it comes to both cut and color. Sometimes I bring pictures for inspiration, but picture or no picture, she always knows exactly what I’m going for. I honestly couldn’t imagine going to any other stylist. Check out some of her work here! I would recommend anybody in the tri-state area to consider Beauty Lounge! 

Here are some pics of my new cut and color! 

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