Stone Street on Sunday

I’ve actually never made it down to New York City’s historic Stone Street. Part of me has always felt that it’s just SO far out of the way being that it’s incredibly far downtown. Now that I’ve actually seen it for myself, I understand why people like it so much! How cute is this place?! It’s essentially a quaint cobblestone street covered in tables for restaurant go-ers. There are so many restaurants and there’s also a beer hall! We opted for Stone Street Tavern for some burgers, but there’s everything from American cuisine to Mexican, to Italian and French pastries. The burgers were pretty decent, but the atmosphere on Stone Street is what makes me want to go back (although the pumpkin cider I had is also a major factor!) It’s also a historic district in the city, which I didn’t know. I definitely recommend checking this area out, especially considering it’s super close to the New York Stock Exchange and the Charging Bull and it’s also a short walk to both One World Trade and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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