That’s the year the Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public. Some more fun facts for you: the project took 14 years and somewhere around $15 million dollars (at the time) to complete. Oddly enough, when this beauty opened, Brooklyn was its own city rather than a borough, which I definitely didn’t know!

This stunning NYC landmark never ceases to amaze me. I don’t think there will ever come a day when I’m not stunned by how phenomenal it is in person. Ben and I decided to head down that way today just to get out and enjoy this AMAZING fall weather (with a gazillion of our closest tourist friends who all had the same idea).
I’m obsessed with my new (faux) leather jacket. Picked it up from Zara last week! It’s a little stiff, but I love it! Cropped jumpsuit also Zara! Shoes are Fenty X Puma.

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