Satisfied at Sotto 13

The ambiance of Sotto 13 alone should be enough to get this West Village pizza haven on your radar. Thankfully, the food and wine selection are AMAZING as well! Tucked away on 13th street, Sotto 13 looks like a cozy little restaurant with outdoor seating, a bar and a few high top tables; however, venture into the back and you will find a HUGE dining room with high ceilings, a skylight and major rustic feels. I was NOT expecting this restaurant to be so beautiful and it was refreshing to sit comfortably at a large table rather than squished alongside strangers where you’re so close you could eat off their plate. We started with the meatballs which were amazing and jam packed with flavor (and cheese!) and we split the salami picante and the pizza bianca. Pizza lovers of the world, rejoice!! Chef Patricia Vega is a genius! The piazza bianca tasted like your neighborhood pizza joint white slice with spinach only BETTER and the salami picante had a slight kick with the peppers, but was out of this world in terms of flavor and juiciness. I loaded some sea salt on both slices and Christine was a huge fan on the spicy oil. All around, we were really impressed! The service was great and our waiter let us take our time and catch up uninterrupted. I definitely suggest you try this place for a date night or a low key dinner with a girlfriend!

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