Phoenicia Diner and Why You Should Go

Greetings from Canada! Ben and I journeyed up across the northern border yesterday for a long weekend in Montreal (blog posts coming soon!) I just wanted to share this really cool spot with you guys. We stopped at the Phoenicia Diner on the drive up and while it was slightly out of the way, it was worth the detour. It’s super retro! The food was great–it was everything you’d hope for in a solid diner. I played it safe with the waffles and Ben took the fancy route and got the eggs benedict with crab cakes. I think the atmosphere and the location are definitely what make this place worth coming back to. It’s smack dab in the middle of the Catskills, so the scenery is truly stunning and peaceful. I love feeling like I’m off the beaten path, and that’s exactly what it was like here. The inside is simple, with old school vibes. They also bump some major disco hits! Maybe we’ll have to hit Phoenicia Diner again on the way back down! 

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