RPOTW: The Rabbithole

For this edition of my Restaurant Pick of the Week, I’m taking you down The Rabbithole.

Note: my iPhone lenses is CRACKED, which causes the beams of light in my pictures.

Ben, April and I jumped on the L train and headed out to Williamsburg yesterday. I definitely wanted to try a “Unicorn Latte” at The End (blog post coming soon!), but we figured we’d grab some brunch at Sweet Chick while we were out there. I’m the biggest proponent of trying new places–there’s no excuse not to in a city as big as NYC–but Sweet Chick is so good that I was stoked to go back. Unfortunately, there was an hour and a half wait and we were way too ravenous to stall for that long (even though it could easily be done in that neighborhood thanks to all of the boutiques and coffee shops!) Having heard great things about The Rabbithole, we decided to give it a shot!

It was definitely worth the trek south in the cold! First of all, the restaurant is adorable. The brick walls and the rough plank wood floors are stunning. I adored the chandelier dangling above the dining room and the antique-looking wood tables. It’s quite deceiving:  The Rabbithole appears small when you first walk in. There are a few tables and tons of seats at the bar, but there’s actually a dining room and a large garden in the back. I would love to stop in for brunch when the weather’s nice so I can sit outside!

The food is delicious! Definitely one of the best brunch meals I’ve ever had. I got the Eggs Benedict, which was perfect. The biscuit the eggs came on was super fluffy and had a honey butter taste. The bacon on the biscuits made the dish, though! I literally never wanted it to end. Both Ben and April got the Eggs Norwegian, which was similar to the benedict but had smoked salmon and no bacon. It looked to die for. The potatoes were ON POINT and I really like how restaurants do a side of greens rather than toast. It’s healthier and makes the whole meal feel fresh. I’m not sure what kind of dressing was on the salad, but it was really good. We didn’t make this a boozy brunch,  but we did get iced Americanos, which were really good. The Espresso they use comes from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and it’s great.

While The Rabbithole is about a 15-minute walk from the Bedford Ave stop on the L, it’s definitely worth checking out! I’m not sure what the scene is at night, but I’d love to come back here for a drink at the bar sometime soon!

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