Coffee in the Kitchen

Caffeine fiends, rejoice! A new coffeeshop has come to Hell’s Kitchen! Nestled away on West 44th street in between 8th and 9th, you’ll find St. Kilda Coffee. It’s really tucked away. To find it, look for the big coffee cup sign and follow the steep steps down to the shop!

This place is awesome. The coffee is incredibly strong and the ambiance is trendy. There are a couple spots to get a good cup of joe in the Kitchen (Kahve on 9th is great and there’s a Fika on 10th) but this place definitely has the most sophisticated feel. I’m obsessed with the white brick walls and the contrast with the dark wooden floors and the black exterior of the building. The coolest part is the graffiti wall in the small out door patio area. 

It’s a tiny spot, but the coffee is so good and the atmosphere makes this a place worth returning to time and again. I’m excited to become a regular, even though it’s slightly out of the way for me. It has actually been open for nearly two months, so I may be slightly late to the party. I’m just so stoked to have found St Kilda that I had to post about it anyway. Check it out next time you’re in the area! I recommend the classic Americano. Need more spots? Try Kahve, Fika or the Jolly Goat.

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