Tamariu and kayaking in the Mediterranean 

Thinking of Tamariu makes me laugh. Mostly because when it was proposed to us as a day trip, it was described as a tiny beach with not much to do or see. WRONG. Very wrong. This beach town took my breath away! I knew that would be the case as soon as the road to the town started winding around the top of cliffs with beautiful views of the Mediterranean below (see vlog below for visuals!). Seriously, though, how gorgeous is this beach? Between the water, the boats, and the cliffs, I couldn’t believe my eyes (and what a backdrop for my new one piece by The Wildflower Shop to make an appearance. Shop it here!)


One piece by The Wildflower Shop

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

High Dive!

We started our day at Tamariu climbing rock steps to take in the views below, floating around in the crystal clear water, and jumping off the (kind of scary…) high dive. I had my eyes on the kayaks all afternoon and was so stoked to hear that everyone else was on board with a kayaking excursion. There were a ton of routes up Costa Brava to choose from, and we ended up picking a 2-hour journey that would lead us to the biggest cave in the area. Did we find it? Perhaps. The cave that we ended up paddling through was huge and pretty much pitch black. While it was so cool, it was honestly creepy! On our way out of the cave, we passed a boat dropping off swimmers who wanted to wade through the darkness with their go-pro. Props, peeps. Major props.

The kayaking trip itself was pretty rigorous at times, but overall SO fun! The gorgeous views and crystal clear water made up for the tumultuous spots. Seriously, at times the water got so rough, I didn’t think my arms could possibly row through it any longer. It was totally worth the workout, and now I have biceps of freakin’ STEEL. My favorite part of our kayaking extravaganza was jumping off the kayaks into the water (and the many failed attempts at boomerangs). I was patting myself on the back, though, because the water was SOO DEEP and you could see fish below. EEK. There were also tons of other kayakers out there and lots of boats docked in some of the coves we went through, which was pretty cool to see.


Wading through the waters

If you ever find yourself in this area of Spain, I highly recommend checking out Tamariu. It’s the perfect beach trip and I’d love to go back and spend the night there at some point in my life! There are tons of little restaurants, great views, and of course, photo-ops. Keep scrolling for more pics! You’ll be sold by the end.

New favorite one piece!

One piece by The Wildflower Shop

VLOG, baby!

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