The only kind of laundry I like.

Hint: does not involve actual laundry (thank God.)

My mom and aunt have been longtime customers of Skin Laundry, and let me tell you: their skin looks GREAT (hi, Mom!) It looks even, smooth and youthful. What more could anyone ask for?! My mom was in town this weekend, so I went with her to Skin Laundry to finally give their 15 minute laser and light treatment a try. I love experimenting with different skin care regimens and I’m constantly on the hunt for clear, even and radiant skin (especially clear, since I still struggle with acne even as a 25-year-old, ugh when will it ever end?!) I’ve used tons of different products and have had facials in the past, but this was definitely the most intense skin procedure I’ve ever tried.

While there are a few Skin Laundry locations across the city, we went to their Le Parker Meridien spot, which I absolutely love. It’s underneath the hotel in The Underground, aka a beauty and pampering haven! There’s Dry Bar, a Nail Salon, a makeup studio, and this really cool gym called “Gravity.” My mom usually goes to this location, so I’ve visited a few times and have have inquired about the Skin Laundry process. This non-invasive laser and light process cleans deep beneath the skin’s surface, getting rid of impurities, while also tightening pores and evening out your complexion for a radiant post-procedure glow. It also fights acne, fades scars, and stimulates collagen production. Have I convinced you to try it yet?

I was a little hesitant to give Skin Laundry a try mostly due to the fact that being up so close and personal to a laser kinda freaks me out. It was a fairly simple process once I put my big girl pants on. First, I was given a Skin Laundry cleansing cloth to wipe down my face (see vanity pic below!). Then, a Skin Laundry expert led me into a private room to begin the two-part treatment. They started off using a “propriety YAG laser” that penetrates 2.5 millimeters beneath the skin’s surface. Then, they followed up with an “IPL light” (Intense Pulsed Light). The combination is definitely interesting. I don’t exactly have a high tolerance for pain, so the laser part was slightly uncomfortable for me. I had to stop and regroup a few times during the first pass of the YAG laser (they go over your face twice). I felt SO bad and excessively dramatic, but it basically felt like hot needles pricking my face at an incredibly fast pace. Or kind of like tiny hot shocks. Those are the only ways I can really explain the sensation, which was unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. I’m a baby, though, so don’t be discouraged (my mom literally laughed at me afterwards and couldn’t believe that I had to stop!) The laser part is actually a very quick procedure, so if I had just relaxed and kept going, it would have been much easier. This is the deep cleansing part of the procedure, and the laser also boosts collagen production. In between the laser and the light, they applied this ultra soothing gel all over my face in smooth strokes. It felt AMAZING. That was my favorite part and it totally made the prior prickling feeling worth it. Then came the IPL light. While I was already wearing goggles from the laser treatment, the Skin Laundry expert layered cotton beneath my goggles for extra blockage. Basically, the IPL light flashes and each flash is so freakin’ intense that I could still see it with my eyes closed and covered. It didn’t come with any physical affects, so I was cool with it. They applied the light in various spots all over over my face. This is the rejuvenating part, and the light also cleans your skin again, and helps fade both sunspots and scars.

Once the light procedure is finished, they wiped off my face and applied a toner and moisturizer. Then I was on my merry way! Super easy, right?  I loved how my skin looked and felt immediately after the treatment, but they say that one 15-minute facial isn’t going to be the solution to all of your skin care problems. You need to go a few times to really reap the benefits of the treatment, although one treatment alone does provide deep cleansing, treat acne, and give skin a lovely glow. Despite feeling so uncomfy at times, I’m looking forward to getting a few more treatments done to see if I notice a difference! I’m confident I will though, based on my mom’s and aunt’s experience! Check Skin Laundry out here, where you can learn more about the procedure and book your first treatment. Oh yeah, you get your first ever treatment for only $40 instead of $65. If you buy a package, they’ll waive your first treatment fee, making it free (woo!) Make sure you also check out all of their skin care products, too! I really love their cleanser. It’s available at their locations, online, and at Sephora.

Have you tried Skin Laundry’s laser and light facial? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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