Flare affair

So… I know Nasty Gal has been on a bit of a rocky road since it went bankrupt and was bought out by BooHoo, but let me tell you this: their website is killin’ it right now with both on trend transition pieces, killer statement styles, and fun florals. Even better: everything is on sale! 50 percent off, if we’re being specific! They’ve been running some major sales lately, and I copped this black and white gingham wrap top for 50% off last week. I told myself I was going to be resilient and stay strong to save some money for our Portugal trip (t- 1 month!), but I totally caved. Worth it. I actually bought this shirt to wear on my trip and I had no intention of wearing it prior to, but I couldn’t resist whipping it out ahead of time with my new favorite pants.

Yup. I’m about to buy these Urban Outfitters Jean culottes in blue denim too. They’re just that awesome. They’re so comfortable and they fit perfectly in all the right places. I’m so hit or miss with BDG jeans, and these are a H.I.T. I first saw them in stores and It was love at first sight. I had popped in to pick up my furry slides, and I was heartbroken to leave without trying them after seeing they had them in my size. Naturally, I called the store about an hour later and asked them to put them on hold. I walked out with them shorty after. A true love story, if there ever was one. Now if only the weather would cooperate and finally cool down so I could wear them on the reg!

My necklace and ring, although they’re hard to see here, are from my latest Rocksbox. This was my favorite box yet!! They’re slowly adding more Rudiment pieces, and I’m totally obsessed! Read more about how Rocksbox works here & don’t forget to use my code to get a free first month (no commitments, but odds are you’ll love it!!) Code: thedanadiariesxoxo

And how cool is the LIKEtoKNOW.it wall down in the LES? It’s so cool that NYC has it’s own wall! Luckily, it’s right around the block from Ben’s apartment, so we had to make a pit stop over there to check it out. And by we, I mean me. NYC in one form or another is always my backdrop, so it was nice to mix it up with the wall! Also- lol at how much my hair has lightened up since I first got it dyed. Good thing I’m getting it touched up this weekend!!

Shop this look! Jump Ship Gingham Blouse here and the BDG Cropped Denim Culotte here.

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