ClassPass is letting you challenge your body and your mind.

Did you know that ClassPass is now working with some of your favorite NYC meditation studios? Now you do.

ClassPass is great, but it can be physically and mentally exhausting tackling NYC’s toughest workouts. Sometimes you just need to pump the breaks. That being said, I bring you good news! ClassPass is now giving you the opportunity to work on not just your physical health, but your mental health! Have you noticed that they’re offering classes from MNDFL, Inscape, and The Path?! Well, I have, and I am SO okay with this awesome addition to the ClassPass lineup (and I wish this was the case when I was on the hunt to try NYC’s best meditation studios! Read all about it here!) I may not be the first person to have noticed this, but I could be one of the happiest. (No, but seriously, when did this start?! And how did it take so long for me to notice?! All of my recent sessions at Pop Physique probably had me distracted!)

For example:

You might have noticed them while you were scrolling through classes, but you can see exactly what classes the studios are offering through ClassPass by using the filters (duh). If you search by ‘activity’, use ‘yoga’. Or, if you’re searching by studio, simply just search for MNDFL (note: NO classes at the Greenwich Village studio), Inscape, or The Path (Tuesday evenings a 7 PM). I think it’s time they incorporate a ‘meditation’ option, right?!

I absolutely loved my manta meditation session at MNDFL. I left feeling lighter, grounded and downright jovial. Inscape was an interesting experience, but I’m not exactly dying to go back to a studio so I can listen to a recorded meditation (although, the space is pretty freakin’ cool.) Three Jewels is also on ClassPass, so you can hit up either their yoga or meditation classes! I would suggest just dropping into Three Jewels considering their meditation classes are offered on a donation basis (just trying to save you a couple of bucks here!)

And now, some more awesome news… ClassPass is now partnering with Blink Fitness for an awesome co-membership. You’ll get home base gym (you can go to any Blink gym!) and you’ll still have the opportunity to hit up your favorite studios! I won’t go into further detail, but you can read more about it here.

So fellow ClassPassers: go forth. Sweat and then reset. And don’t forget to take advantage of some of the rooftop yoga sessions offered through ClassPass before the fall weather hits (dear God, please let that be soon…)

Peace & blessings.

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