These boots were made for walkin’

And that’s just what they’ll do.

I saw these fire engine red kitten heel boots at Zara three weeks ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since! So, viola, here they are! I totally caved. Interestingly, they were pretty affordable, making them totally worth the investment! Can you believe they were only $40? I feel like they look and feel like they were a much more expensive investment.

I love a good statement piece, whether it’s a funky of boots, a bold necklace, or a trendy pair of sneakers. I’m excited for these boots to find a new home in my closet, but I really hope I get as much use out of them as I had planned! They’re super trendy, and thankfully, red is THE color this fall. I feel like this aggressive pop of color makes them perfect for an all black errrthang kind of outfit. I wore them with my black jean culottes, but I think they’ll look sick with skinny black jeans! I’m also planning on wearing them with my black leather leggings.

I will admit, though, that the kitten heels scuff SO easily. I’m sure the fact that I stepped into each and every crack on the sidewalk and High Line had something to do with it (also, mom, is your back okay???) but luckily, a little red paint or a red sharpie will do the trick! I’ve never worn a kitten heel before, so I think I subconsciously forgot about them leading me to step in every possible crack New York sidewalks have to offer.

Shop these bad boys along with the rest of my look here ! Let me know what you think of them! Zara is KILLING it when it comes to the fall and winter boots game, so make sure you check out their collection!

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