What is collagen and should you be taking it?

Short answer: Yes, yes you should.

You’ve probably heard of collagen. It seems like everyone and their cousin is taking it and raving about the amazing benefits! Plumper, glowing skin; thicker hair; stronger nails: all of these and more (think: healthy bones and joints and improved digestion aka the really important stuff!) are attributed to collagen. I’m finishing up this post coming off of my Portugal trip, and after a week of traveling, over-indulging with food and wine, and straight up de-hydrating (um, why is tap water on the dinner table just not a thing in Europe?! My skin has been screaming SOS!), collagen has felt like my SAVIOR.

But what is collagen exactly? Well, if we’re getting really fancy… Collagen is a protein made up of a chain amino acids, including glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. (Have fun impressing your friends with your new-found health jargon!) While collagen is naturally occurring in the body, you can take it as a supplement sourced from animals and fish. It’s also the most abundant protein in the body!

I started adding Vital Proteins collagen peptides powder to my daily regimen about 3 months ago and I’m so happy I did! Their on-the-go packets are SO easy to incorporate into your diet. If you caught my latest insta, you’ll see I even brought them with me to Portugal! They’re perfect for tossing into an easy-peasy breakfast parfait, oatmeal, tea and even coffee. Emphasis on the tea- that’s been my go to! I even throw it in my Starbucks pumpkin coffee. #basic meets healthy! You can even bake with it! Head to their website to find some cool recipes to try (or check out their Instagram for some more inspo. I’m droooooling). The unflavored powder is essentially tasteless, making it perfect to throw into just about anything, but I’m a huge fan of their vanilla coconut flavor! It goes great in Greek yogurt!

So, the beautifying effects of collagen are obviously a huge sell. My nails are longer and stronger than ever before. My hair, even after two coloring sessions at the salon and tons of blow outs, feels great and seems to be growing like a weed! I’m convinced I’ll be battling acne to the grave, but I think my skin appears even and extremely hydrated. If you know me, you’ll know my struggle with severely dry skin is REAL. Luckily, I haven’t endured any dry patches since I started taking Vital Proteins! Praise be! The health and fitness benefits are also super important, especially if you’re a fitness fiend like yours truly. Collagen helps with post-workout recovery, which is helpful when getting your ass kicked by trainers at studios like Tone House, Switch Playground, Kore and Solace. My recovery periods have been faster, my workouts have felt more efficient, and I’ve noticed that I’m stronger than ever.

I would definitely recommend giving Vital Proteins a try. I’m sure you’ll love the effects and I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments section below!

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