Good Vibez Only at the Armory

GREAT news, guys: we’re officially less than one month away from one of the most epic yoga and wellness events of all time. I’m talking about Namaste On Track, and I’m hoping you’ll join me at the Armory for it!

Odds are you’ve heard of The Amory. It’s the uber famous track and field facility where some of the world’s most impressive athletes have competed and trained. On November 11th, however, it’s opening its doors to athletes of all kinds, fitness fiends, yogis, and meditators. That’s the best part: you don’t need to be a track and field athlete to kick it at the Armory. Together, regardless of how you like to work out or maintain wellness, we’ll all take a great big breath in unison for an AMAZING cause. Namaste on Track is actually a fundraiser, and all of the proceeds will go to Armory College Prep High School and Middle School programs, both of which help underserved NYC teens by providing counseling and academic support. BOOM. A great cause if there ever was one!

So, what’s in it for you aside from the satisfaction of knowing you played a huge role in giving back to the NYC community? 3 words: Elizabeth BarnettSri Dharma Mittra, and Elena Brower. Yup, at Namaste on Track, you’ll get the opportunity to join 500 of your closest friends in taking an hour and a half long class with one of these amazing instructors. I’ll be taking Elizabeth Barnett’s and Elena Brower’s classes, if you want to grab a mat and meet me in downward facing dog.

Click here to learn more about Namaste On Track and get your tickets here! There are three different types of tickets for each of the four classes: Enlightenment, $27 and includes entry to one event; Bliss, $50 and includes entry to one event, with early access to the floor and a tee-shirt; and Zen, $100, which includes all the great perks of the Bliss ticket, but with a greater contribution to the Armory Foundation programs. Let me know if you have any questions!

You can learn alllll about the great stuff that the Armory Foundation does right here, and make sure you check out the Armory College Prep program here!

Hoping to see you all on November 11th at The Armory!


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