Hello, 2018!

I have a feeling I’m going to like you.

Hey, guys! Can you believe we’re officially one week into 2018?! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what’s in store over the next 358 days. 2017 was too good to me, having given me tons of opportunities to travel (hitting Spain, Portugal, Savannah, Charlotte/ Asheville, & of course, Atlanta, for Savannah Jimenez’s wedding in one year was pretty crazy), a ton of blog growth (thank you so much for making that possible!) and another year of memory making in the greatest city in the world, the big Apple.


On the topic of resolutions, I wanted to share a few goals that I’ll be working towards in 2018. By definition, a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”, and I wouldn’t say that these are exactly resolutions, but more like simple goals that I’d like to implement in my daily life. So, here we go, and fear not, I’m talking all about this amazing faux-fur jacket from Shein too, so keep scrolling!

RELAXING & UNPLUGGING. I’m really hoping to continue with what has become my current unwinding routine. I’ve been trying to make a habit out of drinking my relaxing Yogi tea, lighting candles, and updating my planner before bed each night. It sounds totally lame, but it helps me feel grounded and accomplished before I end up binging on The Crown! I also try to stay off of Instagram leading up to going to bed and first thing in the AM!

MEDITATION. I tend to listen to various podcasts, from That’s So Retrograde, to Tara Brach’s meditations, to Stuff You Missed In History Class before bed each evening. I’m hoping to start incorporating some more evening meditation by way of podcasts, reading, or personal reflection into the mix as well. If not at night, at least in the morning so I can start the day feeling present in the moment and like a total badass ready for anything. Head to my up-and-coming Pinterest board for daily mantra ideas!

STAYING POSITIVE. I thought to add this when I was listening to the latest episode of That’s So Retrograde. Have you ever made your Amazon Echo play your recent podcasts? It’s fun. Anyway, one of the hosts basically said something along the lines of ‘we can choose to see what’s wrong, or we can choose to see what’s right.” So. True. I have such a bad habit of dwelling on what’s wrong and holding onto that negativity can be debilitating. It’s going to be an ‘inhale the good shit and exhale the BS’ kind of year.

MORE BLOGGING: I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I’ve been in total blogging overdrive recently. I’ve been trying really hard to give you guys as much new content as possible and I’m definitely up to the challenge of finding new things to write about! Not to mention, I have a new website theme that I’m planning on rolling out!

SAVING MULA: Between the rent, the food $scene, the plethora of coffee $hop$, bar$, on  top of the the ability to find $omething to do at all times, living in NYC tends to make saving money a tad difficult. I’ve been trying to cut back on excess spending, but I would be lying if I said my only goal was to simply “save”. I’m obviously trying to travel more too 😉

So there you have it. Those are my 2018 goals and I’m looking forward to seeing if/how I manage to keep them up! I also wanted to take a second to share some details about my new favorite faux fur coat. As you know, I’ve been totally loving the fun faux fur trend, and I’m always looking to expand my collection. This coat from Shein and I got so much feedback on it when I posted it on New Years Eve! It’s actually really warm, and I love the white and shades of grey to mix up the typical NYC all black uniform. Check it out here! Shein’s coat game is crazy strong right now, and I’m currently waiting on an amazing leopard print coat to arrive (damn you, winter weather! Apparently, my Receptacle was blocked…. REALLY?)


Stay tuned for a post with it soon, but in the meantime, shop my other Shein picks below!


black jumpsuit// black leather pants  // mesh top // leopard print coat // chevron faux fur coat  // multi-color faux fur coat 




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