These are the most underrated classes on ClassPass

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New Yorkers are no strangers to ClassPass, the platform that makes it easier for fitness fiends to visit some of their favorite studios and try hundreds of new workouts daily. Scrolling through the studios and classes offered through the platform, it seems like the options are endless, and while we all know and love big name studios like Barry’s Bootcamp, Physique 57, and Y7, what about the other some-odd hundred studios in NYC? Sometimes you can’t get into the class you love (um, 5 AM or 9 PM at Barry’s are pretty hard to work around sometimes!) and other times your schedule just doesn’t line up with your favorite studio’s classes on a particular day. Not to mention the class limit at each studio! Luckily there are tons of other amazing classes to choose from whether you’re in a pinch or just in the mood to try something new! Keep scrolling for 5 of the most underrated classes on ClassPass.


Pop Physique: We all know and love Physique 57’s Signature class and Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Barre, but once you pop your Pop Physique cherry, there’s no going back. Expect simple arm work that’ll leave your bi’s and tri’s sore for days to come; thigh and booty moves that’ll make you feel lean and strong; and a challenging core series that’ll guarantee abs in no time.  Each workout is different as each instructor has his or her own unique style, so every class will feel challenging and new! And we can’t talk about Pop Physique without mentioning the branding and atmosphere. The Bowery studio has a ton of attitude thanks to the cherries and bananas on the wall, while the Nomad studio feels sleek and sophisticated with the exposed brick and gray color scheme.

Pop Physique, 270 Bowery & 31 W 26th Street 2nd Floor,

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B|X at BRICK: Crossfit can be intimidating. We get it. But BRICK’s B|X class is the perfect mix of cardio sprints, bodyweight moves, and classic Crossfit strength training exercises, making a great workout for all fitness enthusiasts. Get ready to give it your all on the treadmill, bust your butt doing jump squats, and push through kettlebell swings in this one-hour session. Oh yeah, and after all that, you might encounter a burpee or two. It’ll be tough, but worth it! You’ll walk out feeling totally accomplished and ready to take on whatever the day brings. Saturdays are partner days, so bring a friend and head over to either their Chelsea or Grand Central locations!

BRICK, 257 West 17th St & 465 Lexington Ave,


Switch Playground: Ready to switch up your fitness routine? Say goodbye to boring, repetitive workouts by sweating it out at Switch Playground. From the live DJ and smoke machine, to the format of the class, there’s a lot of action on “the playground”. Fear not: after a few “switches” around the course, you’ll totally get the hang of it. Here’s how it works: you and a partner (bring a friend to make it extra fun!) will work your way around the playground through about 20 different stations. Battle ropes, trampolines, boxing bags, resistance bands, kettle bells, stairmasters: you name it, you’ll likely find it on the playground. No two sessions are exactly the same since the equipment and the workouts change, so each visit to Switch will feel fresh and unique. And the good news? There are about 6 or more trainers on the playground at once, so you’ll never have to worry about getting lost, forgetting moves, or how your form looks. You catch a breather when you  ‘switchhhh’ (hit it, Will Smith!)

Switch Playground, 180 6th Ave & ,130 E 12th St.,


trampoLEAN Abs + Interval Training: Unleash your inner kid while breaking a sweat at trampoLEAN. This cardio intensive workout is the ultimate feel good class, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to smile throughout the entire workout (who knew that was a thing?!) The Abs + Interval Training class will push you to your limits as you torch calories through sprints, kicks, and killer ab work. You’ll also encounter hand weights and resistance bands for conditioning moves. trampoLEAN offers 10, yes 10,  different classes through ClassPass, and each workout has it’s own specific focus whether it’s muscle group, training style, or even theme. Jump on your own mini trampoline and get ready to kick it into high gear with trampoLEAN.

trampoLEAN, 37 W 26th St 9th floor,


CKO Kickboxing: There is a plethora of boxing classes available through ClassPass, and it can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect class (especially without burning through your individual studio allowance!)  Everybody Fights and Overthrow are hard to compete with, but sometimes amazing workouts can be found in the simplest places. That’s why CKO should be on your radar. While it lacks in character, it’s redeeming factor is the workout. Each session features a solid warm-up including jogging, with breaks for lunging, squatting and jumping jacks. The heavy bag combinations are easy to follow, which means you won’t spend time worrying about what comes next, and unlike many other studios in NYC, CKO is unique thanks to it’s kickboxing element. Get ready to jab, cross, hook, and roundhouse kick your way through a fast paced, fat-shredding total body workout!

CKO Kickboxing, 401 E 84th St & 310 E 23rd St,


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