These are NYC’s best boxing classes

The fitness craze is going strong and it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. At the forefront of the boutique fitness trend is a sport that involves wraps, gloves, and perseverance. Yup, we’re talking boxing. With all of the boxing studios across NYC, where does one begin? Each studio is different from the next on all fronts and it can be overwhelming trying to find a class that fits your individual fitness goals. Fear not! I’m here to help.  Wrap up those wrists, throw on your gloves and get ready to hit it (literally!) at the best boxing classes in NYC.


Everybody Fights There’s a reason Everybody Fights calls itself the ‘King of Boxing Gyms’. Whatever kind of boxing experience you’re looking for, you’re going to find it at Everybody Fights! Founded by George Foreman III (his bagsxbody class is a KILLER!), this gym has major attitude and a variety of classes that will give you the opportunity to learn authentic boxing combinations, practice your mitt work, and challenge your body with strength training. The bagsxbody class should be on your radar. You’ll embrace your inner fighter with knockout combinations on the bags and train like a champ with HIIT and strength training between rounds.Get ready to break a sweat and walk out of the studio feeling like a total BOSS.

Cost: First time fighters BOGO deal for $17.50. Returning clients $35 per class.

Everybody Fights, 295 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017


Rumble #doyouRUMBLE? If not, you should. Rumble offers the best of both worlds for fitness fiends looking to get their daily dose of boxing and strength training all under one roof (and all within the same class!) The Rumble workout features 10 grueling boxing rounds on their innovative teardrop Aqua bags, coupled with 10 rounds of strength training. You switch back and forth from the floor to the bags twice (I’d suggest starting on the floor!) The punching combinations are challenging, but it’s easy to keep up, and the squats, lunges and bicep curls will leave you feeling sore the next day. Killer beats (seriously, is this place a part time club?); amazingly trendy atmosphere; and with encouraging, powerhouse instructors like Julie ‘Jaws’ Nelson, you’re about to be whipped into tip-top shape!

Cost: New member BOGO offer for $34, returning clients $34 per class.

Rumble, Flatiron: 146 W. 23rd St.New York, NY 10011 & Noho: 700 Broadway New York, NY 10003


Shadowbox Sweat meets sophistication at Shadowbox. From the luxe atmosphere featuring a sleek throwback boxing ring to the dimly lit bag room, the Shadowbox experience is unlike any other. But what about the workout? Each class is complete with high energy music and fast paced, super intense bag work. Don’t worry, though, you’ll give those fists a rest when the instructors make you bust out some squats, push ups, and plyometrics throughout the session! The instructors are ready to push you to your limits, but there’s no need to feel intimidated: as soon as you enter the bag room, you’ll be amped and in the zone. Up for a challenge? Burn out your body with an hourlong ‘After Dark’ session.

Cost: New Shadowboxers’ first class $20; returning clients $34 per class.

Shadowbox, Flatiron: 28 West 20th St. NY, NY 10011 & DUMBO 55 Prospect St.. Brooklyn, NY 11201


Title Boxing Club – This is the perfect no-frills boxing gym that’s guaranteed to make you break a sweat! Title classes are great for beginners, but don’t be fooled: their workout is great for fitness aficionados of all levels, whether you’re working on your boxing skills or hitting the bags just to torch calories. Expect tough, fast paced, yet easy to follow combinations mixed with strength training moves and cardio bursts (show those burpees who’s the boss!) While proper form is always important for safety and consistency, it’s not going to be the emphasis of the workout. This means you have the chance to focus all of your attention and energy on crushing that bag.

Cost: First class is FREE! Single sessions $35 per class

Title, Midtown West: 455 W 37th St New York, New York 10018 & Midtown East: 900 3rd Avenue New York, New York


Overthrow Boxing Club: Heavy bags? Mitt work? Overthrow has you covered! This boxing studio boasts a super grungy, tough-as-hell atmosphere and offers classes that will put your endurance to the test. Working on mastering your form? Try their ring work class, where you’ll practice on a partner (CASUALLY, in a non sparring way)  and nail down killer form (turning those wrists, rotating the hips, etc.) Then you’ll hop out of the ring and down to the floor to do some bag work where you can put everything you’ve learned to the test. Their underground class focuses heavily on bag work, but it’s also great if you’re looking for some instructor mitt work with a sprinkle of HIIT training. Not to mention the basement bag room is SICK.

Cost: $34 per class

Overthrow Boxing Club, 9 Bleecker Street, New York, New York 10012; 256 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11211


Aerospace High Performance Center: Get ready to kick your body into overdrive with Michael Olajide, Jr., the owner of Aerospace and the fitness genius behind the bodies of some of your favorite celebs (ahem, Adriana Lima.) Expect to burn out your arms with tons of punching sequences, work your legs and booty with resistance bands, and get that heart rate up with one of the best boxing training tools, the jump rope. Those years of jump roping on the playground as a kid can’t prepare you for this! Don’t worry, practice makes perfect.

Cost: Intro class  BOGO for $20; $40 for Michael Olajide, Jr’s classes; $32 for other classes

Aerospace, 121 W.. 27th St., New York, NY 10001, 212-929-1640,

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