Love your skin. Love your sweat.

As someone who’s always in the gym or at one studio or another, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to try a great skincare line designed for women who SWEAT. I’m talking about FRÉ skincare, which is formulated to strengthen the skin and fight the signs of both aging and distress that come with exposure to the environment and with rigorous exercising (I mean you, overly sweaty skin, overly parched skin, irritation, etc.) I’ve been using FRE Skincare 123FRÉ line for a few days now, and I’m SO impressed with the results! Let me tell you a little bit more about my skin before I say anymore. I have combination skin, which can be incredibly sensitive at times (remind me to tell you about the experience I had with a Tony Moly sheet mask, lol!) and I’m certainly prone to breakouts thanks to the amount I sweat during my daily workouts (and just because…..) Naturally, I’m always on the hunt for the best products that will leave my skin soft, hydrated, even, and clear. The FRÉ 3-step treatment is proving to hit all of those, and they all fit so conveniently both in my gym bag and into my daily routine!

Both morning and night, I’ve been making it a habit to wash my face with the Purify Me Hydrating Facial Cleanser. The same goes for immediately following a workout so I can prevent clogged pores! It’s slightly exfoliating, but in NO way harsh, so it leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and not totally dried out. In addition to getting rid of all of those nasty toxins, it restores the skin’s natural pH balance, soothes redness, prevents breakouts, and provides nourishment. Next, I throw on the Revive Me Deep Replenishing Serum. No joke, this is my favorite product! My skin feels amazing and refreshed after using it, and it has tons of amazing benefits since it improves skin’s elasticity, fights signs of aging, and promotes a healthy glow (in other news, is anyone else as obsessed with the show, GLOW, as much as I am?) I top it all off with the Protect Me Defense Facial Moisturizer, which is super hydrating and absorbs pretty quickly. It’s not greasy and thankfully, my liquid foundation stays put throughout the entire day. This bad boy is SPF30, combats damage caused by the elements by strengthening the skin, and of course, quenches skin’s thirst after hitting the gym. I dig it! FRÉ products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, vegan and cruelty-free (yay, animals!). Keep in mind, this is a comprehensive skincare treatment and can be used every day, and not only on the days you work out! You can also use the serum and moisturizer at night before bed!

What I like most about FRÉ is the fact that they are so focused on giving back. I’ll always be happy to try products from a company that’s dedicated to improving the lives of others. With every skincare set bought, FRE plants a “Tree of Life”, otherwise known as an Argan tree. Planting these trees not only helps give back to the environment by helping to replenish Argan trees in Morocco, but it supports the local women who harvest Argan oil for a living. Argan is a major ingredient in the FRE products, so it’s no wonder my skin looks and feels so good! The products are formulated with Argan oil, Argan leaves, and, believe it or not, Argan stem cells.

Good products. Even better cause. Done deal. If you’re interested in trying FRÉ for yourself, be sure to use my code to get 20% off your first set! Hooray for good deals and saving money! You won’t be disappointed. I’d love to hear your thoughts on FRÉ, so let me know what you think in the comments section below! And in case you were wondering what FRÉ stands for: F is for fit, R is for resilient, and E is for elegant. 

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