These are the best ClassPass classes in NYC.

Ya girl is back with another fitness post! No joke, this is one of my favorite topics to write about. Today, I’m talking about ClassPass. I’ve been meaning to hit the “post” button on this for so long. I kid you not, the backdate is December 2017. Since then, I’ve had some time to crush even more classes and I feel like it’s finally time to let it fly! Not to mention the traffic on my previous ClassPass post has been higher than EVER! Supply and demand at it’s finest here!

Using ClassPass in New York City is hands down, unlike any other ClassPass experience. There are about 492 studios on ClassPass in Manhattan ALONE. Like, what?! With that many options, picking a class can be a majorly overwhelming process, and fear of the unknown can definitely deter you from trying something new (speaking from experience….) Where does one even begin? Well, fear not, because I’m here to help! ClassPass works with tons of amazing studios and having been a ClassPass user for months, I’ve taken some of the best classes NYC has to offer. Get ready to throw on your boxing gloves, slide on your grippy socks, or lace up your sneakers because here are the best classes on ClassPass right now:

For the unconventional yogi that likes to kick it!: Y7

We flow HARD. That’s the Y7 motto and that’s the Y7 lifestyle. The hip hop yoga class at Y7 gives me LIFE. I mean, who doesn’t want to flow to throwbacks from Destiny’s Child and TLC. Or what about my girl Rihanna? Or Drake, who happens to be this week’s artist! Gone are the days of bowl sounds, because even if you’re not exactly into the hip hop theme, their regular classes will basically have you flowing to top 50 on Spotify, so you’ll never feel stagnant or bored. Y7 is a heated vinyasa class, so expect to flow SO HARD, sweat it out and let it out. And take a lot of pics because their studios are amazing. I would say that even though all levels are welcome, Y7 isn’t exactly a beginner’s class. The three different flows you encounter in each session are challenging, and I think having previous yoga experience would be super helpful. Namaste.

For those up to the “reformer” challenge: Flex Studios


Pilates and TRX classes: Pilates reformer? Barre? TRX? Done. What about 30 minutes of barre and then 30 minutes of Pilates? Or 30 minutes of TRX and 30 minutes of Pilates? Also, done and done. I love Flex for its variety, although, I’ll admit the 30/30 classes can feel a little rushed. I am a huge fan of the FlexFormer, though! Seriously, this classic reformer on steroids will leave you sore for days, and will guarantee a session of leg quivering and waist wielding. The instructors are absolutely amazing and will make sure that your form is correct and that you’re pushing yourself as hard as possible! I would suggest giving a holler during your first time so they know you need a lillll extra help. The TRX class is also amazing. 

For the athlete: Barry’s Bootcamp


Running and strength training worlds collide at Barry’s. We all know and love Barry’s, and I think access to the studio is a major draw for the ClassPass community. It is for me, at least. Each class is guaranteed to burn you out, but make you feel strong and confident in the process. I’m a huge fan of Barry’s leg and total body days, but their arms and abs days are BRUTAL. I don’t think they have a single weight less than 10 lbs (and if they do, I couldn’t find it…) so be prepared to work. If you’ve never been to Barry’s, expect to rotate back and forth from the treadmill to the floor. Their amazing instructors will guide you through different kinds of intervals on the treadmills and then walk you through different strength training exercises on the floor. This is a great option for those who like variety in their workouts! The studios are also dark and super trendy.

For the EXTREME athlete… Tone House:

***disclaimer*** This is lengthy, but please at least read this for my fantastic commentary.

Whoever said ‘what doesn’t kill you make you stronger’ has never been to Tone House. JK, but seriously, God bless the people who work out there on the reg because I honestly don’t know how they do it. I am ALWAYS up for a challenge, so hearing that TH is of the toughest workouts in NYC and having the security of trying it through ClassPass, I obviously had to try it. So I did and I kid you not, this was the hardest physical activity (torture) I have ever endured. The actual turf room is even dimly lit with red lights, which I imagine must be similar to hell….which brings me to the conclusion that TONE HOUSE IS LITERALLY HELL. The running warm up drills were INSANE. They allege that it’s the hardest part of the class since it consists of sprinting over tiny, strategically placed hurdles in various different ways, but let’s be real. Pushing and pulling weighted sleds, doing burpees and broad jumps with sandbags down the length of the turf and back, and busting your ass doing football command drills (i.e. shuffle right, shuffle left, hit-the-deck, etc) was pretty rough. That’s not all. We also incorporated gliders and TRX, which I’ll leave up to your imagination for the sake of time. So… if I’m writing a post about the best classes on CP, why, after all of the above, did I include TH? Even though I was convinced the end was near at various points during the 1 hour (felt like 4) workout, I have never felt so freakin’ ACCOMPLISHED. It is grueling and stressful, but it’s almost electrifying. The camaraderie amongst a room full of strangers was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Many of the workouts were done in small groups, but rather than merely observing, people that aren’t in the round will literally walk the length of the turf alongside you so they can cheer you on. How cool is that? If you’re up for the challenge, you will come away feeling stronger and more confident than ever before. No, I will not apologize for my frankness is saying that if you aren’t in a strong place both physically and mentally, this workout might not be for you. Yes, I will do it again.

For the classic, no-frills burnout barre lover: Flybarre

You guys know how much I like to go to the barre 😉 In all seriousness, Flybarre is easily one of my favorite barre studios in ALL the land. Lots of leg lifts. Lots of clam shells. Lots of resistance band work. You will not leave disappointed, but you will leave feeling sore, elongated and strong as hell. I also think that Fly is great for all levels, since it’s easy to follow along. I also tend to think that Flybarre feels really professional and sophisticated!

For the short attention span: Switch Playground.

Switch is one of my favorite studios to hit if I’m ready to kick it into high gear. In an hour-long session, you’ll encounter about 20+ stations and you’ll spend 2 minutes at each. Stair-masters, battle ropes, boxing bags, kettle bells, resistance bands: you name it, you’ll find it on the playground. No two stations are the same and every 2 minutes, you switch stations. If the variety of the workout itself didn’t sell you, maybe the atmosphere will. There’s a live DJ spinning club-like music (hayyyy!), disco balls, and even a smoke machine. There’s also one instructor that leads the entire class by pumping up the vibes and monitoring the time. PLEASE do yourself a favor and take the founder, Steve Uria’s class. He’s the best. There are also various trainers all over the floor keeping you on track at your respective station. 

For the runner: Mile High Run Club

Who RUN the world? GIRLS. And you can run your damn heart out at Mile High Run Club. Fear not, guys included! This indoor treadmill class definitely isn’t for the faint of heart or for those who, you guessed it, hate running. MHRC offers a few different classes, which vary in length and structure. Dash28, which includes running intervals and some strength training, and High45, which is an endurance class where you’ll cover more distance, are definitely the two most popular classes offered through ClassPass. Also, the studio is cool AF! Get ready to hit the (treadmill) running!

For the fighter: Everybody Fights

There are tons of boxing classes available on ClassPass and trying to find the perfect class can be a totally stressful process. Overthrow Boxing Club is awesome; Work Train Fight is hard AF (speaking from box work experience….), and Title is great for first-timers. What lands Everybody Fights on this list is the culture and the variety! I’m a huge fan of the bagsXbody class (aka your typical boxing workout!) but there’s literally something for everybody there. They even do non-glove and bag classes so you can simply strength train like a fighter. I would suggest trying George Foreman III’s class, but be ready to keep up! He moves quickly and you’re guaranteed to feel like a champion when you’re done!

For the hard af, high energy, burnout barre enthusiast….Physique 57

After a brief Physique hiatus, Physique is now, one again, the Mecca of NYC barre classes for me (Hi, April. Thanks!) There is A LOT going on in a signature Physique class, and I think that’s what has been drawing me to the studio once again. Sure, you still do classic barre moves like water skiers, leg lifts, and hundreds of thousands of pulses, but there is so much more to this class. Aside from brief stretching, you will constantly be moving, which helps get that heart rate up while you burn out each muscle group. And burn you certainly will. The studios are also really sleek and borderline bougey (I love it…)

For the fitness fiend looking for a one-stop shop (including dancing, trampolines, and serious toning): Bari

Bari Tucked away in TriBeCa, Bari is a tiny, sophisticated studio that’s guaranteed to make you want to come back for more! Expect to encounter weights, gliders and resistance bands that’ll particularly set your legs and abs on fire as you tone every inch of your body. I loved the Micro class, which included a lot of squats, lunges with the gliders, and leg lifts. There’s no cardio in the Micro class, but trust me, your heart rate will go up and you’ll break a sweat. There’s so much more to Bari than just this toning class, though. My gal Jamie (NYCfitfam) has raved about the trampoline class, Bounce, and who doesn’t love a little bit of Dance Cardio here and there?! Just DANCE. 

And there you have it! Those are some of the best classes on ClassPass right now! Of course, I’ll update this list if I try any other amazing classes that are worth your time and hard earned money spent in the form of credits!

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