You can now get Cyro therapy with your Classpass membership.

Oh yeah, you can massages and blowouts, too!

We’ve seen a ton of changes with Classpass recently, right? First, they added meditation studios. Then, they adopted this confusing and frustrating credit system (SIGHHHH….) Now, they’re letting fitness junkies of the world get their “wellness” fix! Scrolling through the class schedules for this week, I noticed a few new additions including Cyro therapy sessions, Swedish massages, aromatherapies, and salon blowouts! Nothing’s off the table for Classpass these days and while all of the recent changes can feel overwhelming, I think these “wellness” options are a great move and unique addition to the platform!

funny face.png

Actual photos of me trying to figure out the new Classpass credit system.

Let’s dive into this a little deeper and crunch the numbers. I’ll start with the Cyro therapy. While standing in a freezing torture chamber for 10 minutes sounds far from enticing, I’ve been dying to try it. A full-body Cyrotherapy at Advanced Cyro NYC will cost you around 19 Classpass credits. That’s around 2 classes unless you’re snagging those premium spots at select studios for 14+ credits… again, bizarre. An out of pocket session would cost $50. So those working out in the NYC market could spend $45 on 27 credits (3-4 classes), use 19 of those credits for the Cyro therapy and still have an 8 credit class left over, all for less than $50. Advanced Cyro NYC is much more affordable than it’s competitors, so it’s a deal regardless of how you buy the session. CyroEmpire is also available on Classpass, and you can get a 15-minute Cyro facial for anywhere between 26 and 63 credits, or a one-hour oxygen therapy session for around 57.

The massage therapies at Spa Enliven are a tad pricier. You can expect to drop around 27 credits for a 45-minute massage or 45-minute aromatherapy session. That would equate to $45, while both retail for $70 each. If you want to show your body some love after busting your ass at Barry’s, then this could be a great option for you. The reviews are all very positive and the spa also offers facials and lifting and firming procedures (note: you should probably only book these if you have 57 credits to spare….just saying.)

And what about these salon blowouts? No lie, I took a serious double take when I saw “blowout” among my favorite barre and HIIT classes. I dig it. You can get a signature blow out at Glam + Go for 22 credits, making your pampering sesh certainly less than a $45 blowout at Dry Bar (which is also how much a typical blowout at Glam + Go costs out of pocket!) If you’re on the 27 credit plan, you’ll certainly have trouble sneaking in a 5 credit class, but you could always hit up MNDFL, an off-peak class, or let the credits roll over to your next month.

You can browse all of the wellness options Classpass has to offer here. Have you tried any of these services?! Let me know in the comments below! Happy sweating, happy recovering, and happy pampering, everyone!

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