**Unrelated note from yours truly: I’m so sorry to have been MIA for so long! As some of you know, I just started a new job, and between that, a wedding in Atlanta, and the pre-summertime fun in NYC, it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. It’s felt so hard to sit down and get my thoughts down, but today I realized how easy it can be. I started writing this blog post on my commute and finished it while on line at Dunkin’ waiting for my usual blueberry iced coffee (YES, it’s a thing. And a good one.) Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through my hiatus and I’m looking forward to bringing you new Dana Diaries content!**

It’s official: B MVMNT is open in NYC, people! Get ready to throw everything you know about yoga out the window. For those who haven’t found either the opportunity or even just the functional space to try Buti Yoga, the answer to your prayers is now in the Lower East Side! B MVMT’s grand opening was earlier this month and this sleek, empowering Buti studio is giving New Yorkers the chance to try the unique workout in a sleek, boutique studio atmosphere.

So I know you’re wondering: what the heck is Buti? Honestly, when I stopped into the studio to try it out, I thought it was a slightly more intense vinyasa class with a few extra add-ons like stomping, yelling and arm swinging. That kind of hits the nail on the head, but there’s still so much more to Buti than that. It’s the ultimate catharsis triggered by primal movements (awkward, but not entirely), tribal dances, and plyometrics. You’ll also encounter some vinyasa flows along the way. Aside from the energy generation and release, it’s the ultimate deep abdominal engagement that’ll keep you coming back for more. #ABSOFSTEEL Seriously though, aside from an ego boost in a no judgement zone, Buti’s trademarked Spiral Structure Technique (SST) works your core from deep on the inside using small spiral movements. Try it out and you’ll get what I mean.

I tried Sarah Norris’ class and she was absolutely incredible. She was quick, yet easy to follow, and made sticking with the nonstop movements quite manageable. On top of her workout, she was incredibly empowering and uplifting. Literally though. Please see below:

The first thing we did when the class begun was the most memorable for me. We each had to pick an intention and hang it on the wall. I picked confidence, because 1) who couldn’t benefit from a little boost, and 2) it was what I felt I needed at the time. This was an amazing way to bring the class together and kick things off on an extra positive note.

The class itself was both exhausting and electrifying. We spent a lot of time jumping around, pelvic thrusting, squatting, lunging, flailing our arms, and stomping to deep house music beats. It was a heated class, but I know that even without the extra heat lamps I would have been drenched in sweat from the nonstop movement. We literally did not sit still for the entire 60 minutes and it made me feel so alive both physically and mentally. Elizabeth definitely kept the momentum moving straight until the end, which I’m sure everyone appreciated. I loved every second of it and I can’t even put into words how incredible I felt after.

Apparently, the word “Buti” has its origins in Marathi, which is a language spoken in India. It means “a secret remedy or cure,” and I see why. Go try it for yourself and let me know what you think! You can check out their class schedule here! Drop in classes run at $20 per session!

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