Feelin’ extra Fab


I love the feeling of a brand new workout set. Can you relate? If you’re a fitness junkie like me, I’m sure this isn’t even a question. Everyone loves the feeling of slipping into a brand new pair of cute leggings with the matching bra or top to match! It’s an amazing boost of confidence when you walk into the gym or your favorite studio, and it’s a huge plus if it’s comfy, breathable, and flattering (let’s be real: not all workout gear is made equally!)

Luckily, my new set from Fabletics hits all three of the above!

I’ve had my eye on Fabletics for a while now (thanks, April, if you’re reading this!) April has been subscribing to Fabletics for months, and I’ve always been incredibly impressed with the pieces she’s gotten! Super cute bras. Soft, stylish tops. I even took a test run of a pair of her ‘powerhold’ leggings and to put it simply: I was obsessed.


Needless to say: I was SO excited to finally get a set of my own! When I started skimming the site, I literally didn’t know where to start. There were SO MANY cute options, and I could see myself in various different styles. Did I want black? Neutral? A pop of color? A set with some pizzaz? The options seemed endless. In the end, I picked the Fluent 2-piece outfit. I love the one shoulder accent, and the mix of dreamy colors had me sold. I also loved the color-block details: simple, but elegant.

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking: “sure, looks cute. But is this set really practical.” Short answer (if you’re in a rush and don’t want to keep reading) is YES. VERY MUCH SO. I actually taught at Box + Flow in this set (shh… not black, but I couldn’t help it!) and it gave me full support despite being a low-impact bra. I’m typically a 34B bra size, and the XS is perfect for me, whether I’m hitting the city streets or working up a sweat. The set’s also moisture wicking (praise! although I’m not quite sure how the color will hold up in say, a sweat-fest spin class) and the material is all-way stretch, so you never have to worry about a see-through mishap when squatting or bending (we’ve all been there…) It’s also INCREDIBLY comfy – check the reviews if you need backup!

I can’t wait to see what new styles hit the Fabletics site, and I’m super pumped to continue to show off my new set – with, or without the strap. I’ll definitely be snagging some more trendy, practical gear from them in the near future! You can shop my set & learn some more about Fabletics here! And check out my other style pics here, here, and here.

I can’t wait to see what new styles hit the Fabletics site, and I’m super pumped to Have you tried Fabletics? What are your thoughts?


Photos by Victoria Saperstein.

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