Beating the heat at Kith Treats

Ben has been a longtime Ronnie Fieg fan, which is how I found out about Kith. I definitely owe my discovery of the “street wear” style to Ben and Kith is a major leader in the niche industry. We’ve been to both the Soho store and the Brooklyn store various times and we’ve had Kith Treats before, (so freakin’ good–both the cereal AND the soft serve) but today we decided to beat the 97 degree heat with a refreshing vanilla soft serve blended with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Oreos at the new Kith/Nike expansion in Soho. In a nutshell, you make your own cereal and soft serve creations at Kith Treats, so it’s essentially every kid’s dream come true (and let’s be real, we’re all still kids inside, right?) They also have some great combination suggestions. It’s definitely worth checking it out if you’ve never had it and now that they’ve opened up a second Kith Treats in the new Kith/Nike store, it’s more accessible for those who don’t want to travel out to Brooklyn.




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