Pasta at Bar Pitti

I’ve been wanting to try Bar Pitti in the West Village for a while now, so I’m happy that we finally made it over there this weekend! I’ve heard a mix of reviews about it in terms of food and service, which made me slightly hesitant to suggest it to the group, but I’m really glad we ended up going. It was much tinier inside than I had anticipated (still cute, though) and I would have really liked to sit outside on the massive patio, but it was 97 degrees out and we had to escape the heat. I ended up getting the Rigatoni Pitti (many thanks to the Instagrammers of the world for the pictorial suggestion) and I thought it was awesome! Super flavorful. Ben got the Pappardelle Alla Fiesolana, which was also amazing. The smoked bacon in it made the taste different, but delicious. I believe Alec and April shared the Taglierini All Empolese, which I didn’t end up trying, but it looked great nonetheless. Overall, I thought the food tasted authentically Italian and we didn’t have any issues at all with the wait staff. They were nice, attentive and quick, but you could tell they’re used to a quick table turnover. While I would definitely suggest it and go back again, I’m looking forward to exploring other Italian restaurants in the city!

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