Jack’s Wife Who?

I’ve been wanting to try Jack’s Wife Freda for so long because… Instagram? Kidding. I’ve seriously wanted to try the food and having seen the restaurant, it definitely has a quaint vibe. We tried the Nolita location and I left with a broken heart and empty stomach because the wait was an hour and a half long! Brunchin’ in NYC is serious business: If you get there too late, you’ll wait– for a while. We ended up at Bread on Kenmare St, right next to one of my favorite spots: the Egg Shop (feast your eyes here). I was far from disappointed at Bread. I got two eggs any style and added avocado on the side to make my own avocado toast, while Devin got eggs benedict. Both were so good. I think what made Bread stand out among the other dozens of brunch spots in the area is the fact that you get so much food! Too often do us New Yorkers overpay for small dishes, so it was a refreshing change of pace even if it was only one meal. Also, the drinks were incredible (high five to myself for trying my first Moscow Mule, which is on every drink list in NYC). Aside from the food and drinks, Bread has an airy space with a nice, rustic ambiance and there’s a lot of outdoor seating as well! It’s worth checking out if you can’t get into Jack’s Wife, the Butcher’s Daughter, Ruby’s, etc.

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