5 [free] classes via Classpass!

If you love trying new workout classes and pushing your body to new limits like I do, then the odds are that you’ve at least heard of Classpass. Maybe you’ve even considered giving it a try. I know I have, but I’ve always been hesitant about committing to it. Some of you may be scratching your heads thinking, “what is Classpass?” The answer is simple: It’s a subscription membership program that allows users to access thousands of fitness classes across cities worldwide. Classpass has a few different membership options (see below for a break down), which gives users flexibility with fitting classes into their schedules without breaking the bank. Thanks to a referral from my friend and fellow fitness junkie, Brittany, I was lucky enough to try the “base” plan, which consists of 5 classes per month, for free! Boom! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to finally get the chance to try  Classpass without the financial commitment! It was an awesome experience that left me motivated and ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Oddly, I didn’t feel that way from the get-go. After my first class, I thought I could live happily with just my usual NYSC group fitness classes and solo workout sessions. By my fifth class, however, I was SOLD. I felt invigorated and wanted more! I haven’t yet decided if and how I’m going to proceed with Classpass, but I can say that I understand the addiction. If you want to get in on the fitness fun, give Classpass a go! They’re currently running a deal, which will get you 5 classes over the course of a month at $19. When the cycle is up, can continue your membership at the normal rate OR you can simply cancel your membership). They’re also running another deal that will give you 70% off any plan, so if that’s not an excuse to try the “core” plan, I don’t know what is.

The breakdown.

Once upon a time, Classpass had an unlimited class option, which allowed you to attend however many classes you want over the course of the month without attending the same studio more than three times. While they no longer offer an unlimited membership, Classpass offers workout enthusiasts the below options:

  1. The “go” plan: For $45 a month, you’ll get 3 classes and you can only attend each studio one time. No repeats. Keep in mind, a single specialty workout class in NYC will cost you around $35-$40, so this is actually a great deal if you think you’d like some of the classes offered through Classpass. I feel like this would be a great plan for someone just dipping their toes into the NYC workout scene or as an affordable way to incorporate specialty classes while still belonging to a gym (where you won’t get a workout like Overthrow’s ring work class)
  2. The “base” plan: for $75 a month, you’ll get 5 classes and the opportunity to attend the same studio twice. So you’d still end up only paying $15 a class, which is a great deal if you can make the time and financial commitment. If I were to continue with Classpass, I would likely go this route.
  3. The “core” plan: For $135 a month, you’d get 10 classes and you can visit any studio up to three times, which is great if you find a studio you love. The average cost per class is also lower. I’d love the opportunity to try 10 bad ass classes a month, but I’m not totally sold on this plan. I also didn’t give this plan a test yet, so I’m only speaking somewhat from experience. Here’s how I see it: I would rather pay for a gym membership with access to weights, classes, and trainers. For instance, $50 more a month can get you a membership at the Bryant Park Equinox. This is totally a personal preference. I have friends who can’t imagine NOT having the “core” plan. I love taking classes and exploring new ways to workout, but I like having a gym as a home base. Being able to take a variety of 10 specialty classes a month (that’s two a week with two to spare!) sounds great, but I would rather pay for the “base” plan and keep my New York Sports Club membership, too (there’s actually a membership for that, keep reading!). Again, I’ve never done this plan, but that’s just my two cents!
  4. 5 classes + 5 gym sessions ($85) / 10 classes + 5 gym sessions ($140)- These membership options will let you take the number of respective classes and also allow you to visit a gym, like NYSC or Crunch, for one hour sessions up to 5 times a month. This is pretty much the best of both worlds! You still don’t have a home base gym, but if you want to be able to use free weights or a treadmill while still being able to attend Purebarre, this could be the option for you!

So, I’m going to sit here and ponder if I should continue with Classpass. In the meantime, check out the classes that I tried:

Gotham Gym– I would love to write a review for this class, but I got stuck at work and had to miss it. NOTE (and this is important, so pay attention!): Classpass will fine you $15 for cancellations within 12 hours of the class. While it may be an annoying policy, I think it’s a good way to hold you accountable! If you want to feel your best, you’ve gotta put the time in, right? Anyway, Britt said she enjoyed the class, so I’d like to give it a try in the future.

TrampoLEAN– JUMP JUMP! I LOVED this class in the moment (check my Instagram to see some glee!) Seriously, this was one of the most fun and invigorating workouts I’ve ever done! Everyone gets their own mini trampoline and you spend the entire class bouncing, kicking and twisting. We also did some ab circuits and incorporated arm weights for upper body conditioning. I was drenched in sweat and it was hard to stay coordinated and keep up at times. Some of the moves were really hard: like trying to bounce on one leg while kicking with the other (while simultaneously doing some arm moves to get the biceps working). It was definitely worth the coordination struggle…. at the time. I’ve always had back problems (thanks to years of cheerleading and gymnastics) and I stuggle with flexibility in my hips, so I was unfortunately really sore after taking this class. It wasn’t a natural, healthy sore that we all experience after an intense workout. This was just a little too harsh on my hips and back, leaving me uncomfortable for a few days after the class. Still, I had a lot of fun and the instructor, Luis, was fantastic. He kept me super motivated and had really great energy from start to finish. Not to mention, he played great musics. I beg that you don’t walk away from this review discouraged. You should definitely give this class a shot if you’re up to the challenge.

Title Boxing Club: Jab, cross, hook! If you’ve ever taken a class at LA Boxing or CKO, then you’ve essentially taken a class at Title. If you’ve been following along with me for the past few months, you’ll have noticed that I love boxing (see my reviews for Overthrow & Shadowbox). The first gym I ever joined as a teen was a boxing gym because I knew I didn’t have the patience or attention span to lift at a regular gym. I’m still using my same hot pink Everlast gloves to this day! Boxing is an incredible total body workout that’s physically grueling. It works your body to the point of exhaustion and helps you sweat out all of the toxins and bad energy you might have been holding in. I did a 7 am hump day class last Wednesday and I really enjoyed it. Talk about a wake up call! The instructor, Frank, was great. He started us off with some cardio moves, squatting and lunging to warm up before we put our gloves on. He guided us through a bunch of relatively easy combinations, which is what made me like this class as much as I did. Because the combinations were easy, I spent less time trying to remember what punch I was going to throw next and more time giving each blow at maximum effort. I was also able to work on my speed and footwork. I would definitely reccomend this class for people of all fitness levels! I would also reccomend that you eat breakfast prior to class and bring a water bottle or else you won’t feel too hot (yes, I’m speaking from experience here. Give me a break! I left at 6:30 am!)

Physique 57: Talk about setting the barre HIGH! This is my new favorite workout! It was the most intense barre class I’ve ever taken and it worked all of my muscles to absolute exhaustion. It consisted of a lot of little movements like pulsing, which really make your muscles WORK. The instructor, Lidi, was absolutely amazing. She kept an eye on me (the newbie in a class of about 30) and helped correct my form to maximize results. When I left Physique 57, I felt stronger, leaner and ready to take on the day like a boss lady. Something worth noting: they have a great deal for new members! They offer a 2-for-1 class deal, which is pretty sweet considering it’s $37 a class. Not cheap, but worth every damn penny. You will be SO happy with this class if you like barre and Pilates workouts. I kid you not when I say I haven’t stopped raving about Physique 57 since I took it last Saturday! (Sorry friends, family + Ben).

Row House: Is this what it was like to be a Viking? If so, I suppose I would have liked being a 10th century Nordic seafarer. This high energy rowing workout was a killer! I’m not that experienced when it comes to using the erg, but the instructor, Kathleen, did a great job of breaking down the rowing motion prior to the start of class. She came over to our ergs and explained exactly how our form should look and feel. We started the class with a slow row going motion by motion (pushing up and extending the legs, leaning the upper body back to 1 O’clock, pulling the handle into the chest for the row, so on and so forth) which was incredibly helpful. Once we sped up the motion, following along with proper form got a little tricky. Eventually, I got the hang of it and my rowing motion got much smoother. Luckily, I picked an erg alongside a rowing PRO, so I kept an eye on her to match her speed and motion. Her split time was much lower than mine and her rows were more powerful, but using her as a guide was helpful. Row House is a great cardio workout and believe it or not, you don’t spend the entire class on the erg. We got off and did some squats and abs. This is a must-try class!

And there you have it!!! Classpass or not, you should give these classes a go! Happy sweating! 

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