RPOTW: Rubirosa

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I have a problem. A warm, cheesy, doughy, saucy, big, fat, delicious problem. I’m addicted to pizza (proof, more proof, EVEN MORE PROOF). Horrible for my figure, but good for you! If you also suffer from this addiction, look no further as I have another pizza joint for you to add to your NYC itinerary. For this edition of ‘Dana’s Restaurant Pick of the Week’ were headed down to Mulberry St in Nolita for some pizza at Rubirosa. Seriously, this is the best pizza I’ve had since I moved to NYC and if you’ve never tried it, be prepared to rock your tastebuds’ worlds.

Ben and I have actually been here twice and we both agree that this place is utterly fantastic. It’s great for a date, for a dinner with your mom and her friend or for a large group. We shared the Tie Dye pizza with added sausage on top and both times it was incredibly mouthwatering. It’s both limber and juicy and can be a wee bit sloppy when you pick up the slices, but each bite is like a little piece of heaven. They almost melt in your mouth! I definitely recommend the Tie Dye pizza, which has just the right amount of cheesy goodness and the sauce is smooth and creamy. There’s also pesto on it and I’m literally addicted to pesto.

Rubirosa can get PACKED, especially around dinnertime. If you want your pizza fix, you should get there early and put your name down for a later time! We got lucky the first time and were seated at the bar right away. There was about a 2-hour wait around dinner time when we last went! The vibe is awesome though so whether you get a table or a seat at the bar, you’re bound to love this place! Two thumbs up in my book! (And two… thousand more miles on the treadmill for me!! Jokes.)

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